New Ideas

Asphalt modifier extends roof life

BASF Corp. has introduced B2Last®-R liquid asphalt modifier. The modified asphalt solution reportedly extends the life of a roof system, improves operational efficiencies and is compatible with most liquid asphalts. B2Last-R improves the functional properties of asphalt binders by stiffening the binder while maintaining workable viscosity levels. Unlike traditional polymer-modified asphalts, the liquid asphalt modifier reacts at a molecular level with the asphaltenes in liquid asphalt. B2Last-R can be used with asphalt shingles, self-adhering underlayment and built-up roof systems.

Locks secure job-site equipment

BOLT Locks has made available several lock products designed to help protect job-site equipment. BOLT Locks use specially crafted tumblers to memorize a vehicle’s ignition key upon insertion, resulting in a uniquely programmed lock. BOLT Locks’ Receiver Lock is designed to lock a ball-mount receiver onto a vehicle’s hitch and is available in 1/2-inch and 5/8-inch sizes. BOLT Locks’ Off-Vehicle Coupler Lock reportedly serves as a visible theft deterrent when placed on a trailer’s coupler to prevent a trailer from being secured to another vehicle. The BOLT Locks cable lock features a 6-foot-long, 1/4-inch-thick vinyl-coated coiled cable and can secure a generator, tools or accessories to a trailer for protection during transport or storage. The BOLT Locks padlock can be used to lock an enclosed trailer door, a toolbox or a gate.

Drainage systems install easily

Petersen has introduced PAC-CLAD PAC-Tite Water Drainage Systems, which include gutters, downspouts and scuppers. PAC-Tite Gold Gutters reportedly install easily and feature a 2-inch-wide external wind strap every 6 feet and gutter hangers every 24 inches on center. The unique, heavy aluminum gutter hanger is designed to eliminate the need for drilling and riveting and allows full thermal movement of the gutter. The PAC-Tite Industrial Downspout has an open-face design said to simplify clearing out debris. The downspout includes three attachment straps per 12-foot section and is available in a variety of standard sizes or can be fabricated to meet specific job requirements. The PAC-Tite Water Drainage Systems line also includes a variety of custom-designed scuppers and collector boxes.

Impact driver is lightweight

DEWALT® has added the 20V MAX 1/4-Inch 3-Speed Impact Driver (DCF850) to its ATOMIC Compact Series.™ Measuring less than 4 inches long, the impact driver is short and lightweight for user comfort in tight spaces. With a brushless motor said to deliver 30% more maximum torque at 1,825 inch-pounds and 3,250 revolutions per minute, the impact driver powers through heavy applications like larger fasteners. Three LED lights provide illumination, and a variable speed trigger allows for precision and control.

Hard hat liners are disposable

NoSweat® has introduced its NoSweat Hard Hat Liners. Featuring SweatLock™ technology, the disposable liners are designed to instantly absorb sweat to prevent odors, stains and acne and keep a user’s eyes clear. Made with soft, lightweight hypoallergenic materials, NoSweat Hard Hat Liners are said to eliminate the need to stop and wipe sweat with a towel, shirt sleeve or hand. The liners are available in packs of three, six, 12 and 25.

Ladder accessory installs without tools

Werner® has made available its Extension Ladder WalkThru,™ a ladder accessory that allows a user to make an ergonomic transition from extension ladder to roof. The accessory reportedly enables a user to step directly from a ladder onto a roof without stepping out to the side. Lightweight and strong, the Extension Ladder WalkThru is designed to work seamlessly with Werner ladders to ensure a proper fit. The accessory is secured to a Werner extension ladder using a dual-clamping system that locks onto the side rails with no tools required. When properly installed, the Extension Ladder WalkThru provides a 3-foot extension above the top support of a ladder for safe access to an elevated surface.


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