New Ideas

Wet/dry vacuums are lightweight

RIDGID® has introduced two toolbox-style wet/dry vacuums designed for power, portability and accessibility. The 3 Gallon 18V Cordless NXT Wet/Dry Vac and 3 Gallon 5.0 Peak HP NXT Wet/Dry Vac are 30% smaller and 10% lighter than the toolbox-style 4.5 Gallon ProPack Wet/Dry Vac. The vacuums’ high-efficiency design reportedly provides a 20% increase in overall vacuum efficiency. Each vacuum features a rectangular toolbox design, weighs less than 13 pounds and has a 1 7/8-inch Super-Flex 2- to 6-foot expansion hose that doubles as a blower. Enclosed compartments store a crevice tool, dusting brush, hose and battery (for a cordless unit) or cord (for a corded unit). In addition, the 3 Gallon 18V Cordless NXT Wet/Dry Vac comes with an oversized power switch; position-locking handle; and built-in, suction-powered RIDGID Sweep dustpan that allows a user to sweep debris in or glide the tool over a mess to be sucked up.

Liquid barrier adheres to most surfaces

Georgia-Pacific has made available DensDefy™ Liquid Barrier, a fluid-applied, single-component silyl terminated polymer air- and water-resistive barrier. The elastomeric membrane formed by DensDefy Liquid Barrier is said to adhere to most common construction surfaces such as concrete, glass mat gypsum sheathing, OSB, plywood and galvanized steel and is compatible with a variety of sealants and waterproofing or air barrier components. The vapor permeable liquid barrier can be applied to adjacent substrates via roller or spray, may be applied in temperatures as cold as 25 F and cures in temperatures as cold as 32 F. DensDefy Liquid Barrier reportedly can be applied in wet weather and on damp substrates and tolerates rain immediately after application. It can be exposed to normal weathering conditions for up to 12 months.

Bandage is color-changing

DrySee® has introduced a waterproof color-changing bandage with liquid intrusion alert. Designed as an alternative to traditional cloth or plastic bandages for improved wound protection, the waterproof bandage provides a secure covering for low-exudate wounds. If water or other liquids make their way under the bandage, liquid-indicating gauze along the perimeter of the bandage will turn dark blue. Fluid from the wound site also will cause the internal pad to change color, alerting the user a bandage change is necessary. DrySee color-changing bandages are sterile, disposable, breathable and nonlatex, and one bandage reportedly can be used for up to three days. The bandages are available in packages of 25.

Screws available in new sizes

Triangle Fastener Corp. has added two sizes to its line of SD300™ stainless-steel bimetal self-drilling screws. Now available in a #12 diameter in 1- and 2-inch lengths, the screws have pancake heads and #2 square recess and can drill and tap up to .210-inch-thick steel or aluminum. Made of 304 stainless steel, the screws reportedly provide exceptional corrosion resistance and ductility, minimizing the chance of screw failure caused by stress-corrosion cracking or hydrogen embrittlement. In addition, the screws are TRI-SEAL® coated to minimize galvanic corrosion when used in aluminum applications.

Solar roof system for commercial use

Sika Sarnafil has introduced its Sika SolaRoof® System, the first FM-approved commercial solar roof system. The Sika SolaRoof is an integrated solar solution said to eliminate interface challenges between roof assemblies and photovoltaic installations. Nonpenetrating and lightweight, the system is approved for long-term securement of rooftop PV. FM testing reportedly confirmed the PV racking system installation does not negatively affect the performance of an underlying Sarnafil roof system. The Sika SolaRoof can be assembled in a south or east-west facing configuration depending on a user’s needs. The system secures in place using prefabricated PVC “clicks.” Made with the same PVC formulation as Sarnafil roof membrane, the clicks are secured to each rack and hot air-welded to the membrane, eliminating potential leakage points. Ballast is not required.

Roof truss support system installs easily

FastenMaster, a division of OMG® Inc., has made available its TrussBRACE™ steel roof truss support system. Designed as a safer alternative to temporary wood-based supports used to install roof trusses, TrussBRACE is said to provide lateral and diagonal restraint in one brace. The diagonal restraint is different from other metal braces and reportedly enables faster installation. The system allows users to set, space and brace roof trusses in one step. TrussBRACE is installed from the bottom chord, increasing job-site safety and eliminating the need for temporary top chord bracing that must be removed before sheathing.


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