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Drainage board simplifies installation

Carlisle Coatings and Waterproofing Inc. has released CCW MiraDRAIN GR9400, its new drainage composite board for vegetative roof system installations. MiraDRAIN GR9400 is a high-capacity retention/drainage composite board with a three-dimensional, high-impact polystyrene core with holes for improved water retention and drainage.

MiraDRAIN GR9400 is said to simplify vegetative roof system installation and offer high compression strength to withstand overburden from the stress of a roof garden's components. It is designed specifically for use in horizontal vegetative roof system or large planter applications and can be used with Carlisle Coatings and Waterproofing's CCW-500R, CCW MiraDRAIN 9000/9800 and other accessories.

Telephone: (800) 527-7092

Membrane restores roof systems

The Garland Co. Inc. has introduced Energizer® LO, a low-odor version of its Energizer liquid-applied restoration membrane. Energizer LO is a fast-curing, asphaltic polyurethane membrane reportedly designed to restore smooth-surfaced SBS polymer-modified bitumen, APP polymer-modified bitumen and built-up roof systems, delaying tear-off and replacement costs.

Energizer LO is said to provide an extra 65 to 78 dry mils of waterproofing and ultraviolet resistance to an aging roof system as well as have low volatile organic compound levels.

Telephone: (800) 321-9336

Adhesive is environmentally friendly

Chem Link Inc. has introduced a new single-ply roofing adhesive said to be solvent-free; capable of withstanding hurricane-force winds; qualified to replace flammable, 80 percent solvent-based, widely used roofing adhesives; and able to reduce volatile organic compound emissions by more than 24 million pounds.

The product reportedly will earn one LEED® point for low-emitting materials and five Global Impact points from the National Association of Home Builders.

Telephone: (800) 826-1681

Multi-band is versatile

Ergodyne has expanded its Core Performance Work Wear® line to include the 6488 Fleece Multi-band, which builds on the features of the 6485 Multi-band. Both models are said to provide stretchable, fast-wicking polyester microfibers, but the 6488 model has an added fleece liner.

The 6488 Fleece Multi-band reportedly can be worn in more than 10 work-ready configurations and has technical treatments such as High IQ® and Silpure® to maintain a clean scent.

Ergodyne also has expanded its N-Ferno® Extreme Warming product line to include two new N-Ferno 3-Layer FR Winter Liners available in regular (6873) and shoulder (6877) lengths. The liners have a flame-resistant Banox FR3® cotton shell.

Both liners are said to feature two additional layers—a foam midlayer and polyfleece liner—as well as warming pack pockets, a hook and loop chin wrap, and hard hat suspension attachments.

Telephone: (651) 642-5862

Solar roof shingle now available

United Solar has made available its UNI_SOLAR® PowerShingle.™ The PowerShingle is said to be the first Underwriters Laboratories Inc.-approved standard production residential solar module roof shingle available in the U.S. photovoltaic marketplace.

PowerShingle's design is said to be low-profile and visually aesthetic. It reportedly features glass-free laminates encapsulated in ultraviolet-stabilized, weather-resistant polymers that resist Category 3 hurricane winds, hail and other heavy impacts.

Telephone: (248) 293-0440

Fascia system installs easily

GenFlex Roofing Systems has introduced its GF One Edge Prefabricated Fascia System, which reportedly creates a secure, watertight roof, eliminating the need to temporarily nail off the membrane.

GF One Edge Prefabricated Fascia System's design includes a one-piece galvanized steel base rail available in four widths; a stainless-steel spring clip; and a Kynar®-finished steel snap-on fascia cover available in 11 colors. The components are installed by installing the base rail, setting the spring clip and snapping on the fascia cover.

Telephone: (800) 443-4272

Powder paint process improves products' resistance

Knaack LLC's Jobsite Storage Products are now manufactured using a powder paint process which, compared with Knaack's previous liquid enamel paint, reportedly offers improved corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and paint film thickness.

The powder paint process extends to Knaack's Custom Color Paint Program, which is said to offer contractors the opportunity to customize the paint finish on Knaack Jobsite Storage products.

Telephone: (800) 456-7865

Eyewear features safety glasses and goggles

Gateway Safety Inc. introduces Swap,™ a protective eyewear solution featuring two products in one: a safety spectacle and safety goggle. Swap comes with temples for use as safety glasses as well as a head strap to make it a safety goggle.

The Swap lens is said to offer 99.9 percent ultraviolet protection. Swap is reportedly available in clear and clear anti-fog for indoor applications; gray anti-fog and blue mirror anti-fog to minimize strong sunlight and glare in outdoor applications; and clear in/out mirror anti-fog for varying light conditions.

Telephone: (800) 822-5347

Polymer extends TPO membrane life

Dow Construction Chemicals has introduced its RHOPLEX™ EC-3100 Polymer, which when incorporated into a roof coating, reportedly improves the coating's adhesion to TPO substrates.

RHOPLEX™ EC-3100 Polymer is 100 percent acrylic and reportedly provides adhesion, durability, water resistance and reflectivity for low volatile organic compound roof coatings.

Telephone: (215) 592-2184

White finish applies easily

Soprema Inc.'s Alsan Flashing White Finish, a fast-curing, two-component, high-gloss, aliphatic urethane, is designed to help Alsan Flashing projects achieve a highly reflective white finish.

Alsan Flashing White Finish reportedly is long-lasting, ideal for cool roof systems and can be used to help blend flashing into a roof system's field cap. The product reportedly can be brushed, rolled or sprayed directly onto Alsan Flashing without priming.

Telephone: (800) 356-3521


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