VOL. 46 ISSUE 11



NRCA offers multiple resources to help roofing contractors and their clients respond to weather-related events.

Tech Today

ASTM International is responsible for establishing and maintaining numerous standards for the roofing industry.

Capitol Hill

A new wage rule requiring paid sick leave for employees working on federal projects may negatively affect contractors.

As I was saying …

Collaboration among roofing industry professionals will lead to a more powerful role in coalitions with those who share similar interests.



Roofing contractors engaged in government facilities work must comply with all applicable safety regulations.

So ... you think you know safety? - OSHA regulations aren't the only ones to heed when it comes to safety

To ensure a coating adheres to an intended surface, roof surfaces need to be prepared properly.

Making contact - When it comes to surface preparation, the surface with the most contact points wins

Venture Construction Group of Florida Inc., Stuart, Fla., helps repair storm-damaged roofs at the YMCA of the Treasure Coast in Florida.

A roofing treasure - Venture Construction Group of Florida helps repair storm-damaged roofs at the YMCA of the Treasure Coast in Florida

Make sure you review and understand all the coverage details before committing to a project that uses a controlled insurance program.

Avoiding pitfalls - Carefully consider projects with controlled insurance programs to avoid financial consequences

Making thoughtful preparations before winter can help eliminate ice dams on roofs.

An icy reception - Eliminating ice dams on roofs requires thoughtful preparation