Tips to improve your communication skills in the workplace

To successfully work with others, it is crucial you communicate in a clear, concise manner. It also is important to be fully present so you quickly can address concerns and prepare for future challenges.

Inc. shares the following four ways you can improve communication at work.

  1. Structure your requests with the bigger picture in mind. Preplan to help you gather your thoughts and consider your goals. How does your request fit into the bigger picture of your day, week or month? Then, consider how your request relates to the other person and his or her daily work. This can help you communicate in a way that benefits you both.
  2. Communicate delays in a timely manner. It is vital you immediately inform others of delays when they occur. A simple message via call, text or email potentially could save another person hours of labor.
  3. Create an open environment that allows questions and answers. Lead by example and ask others what questions they have about a task, project or assignment. Some people need to think and reflect on a situation and will not immediately have a question for you when asked, so ask again when necessary. Also, make yourself available to answer questions in a one-on-one format, which can dig more deeply into issues, challenges and concerns.
  4. Consider your tone. Speaking in a neutral tone will be more effective than approaching others in a confrontational manner. Approach others thoughtfully and with respect, and consider how you can have a conversation in a positive way. Think about different ways you can communicate information; practice communicating with an effective tone; and put yourself in the other person’s place.

Date : Jan. 01, 0001


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