An urgent plea

The industry’s continued support is needed to meet new challenges

On occasion, I share this space with guest authors. This month, I’m sharing the column with Teri Dorn, NRCA’s director of political affairs, a fancy title that means Teri is responsible for NRCA’s grassroots and political activity, including ROOFPAC. It’s a big job that takes on a lot of importance during Roofing Day in D.C. This month, Teri brings you up to speed about the role you have in protecting your company and the broader roofing industry from an overactive government:

“With a new Congress and administration settling into place, it has never been more important to stand up for the roofing industry. As Reid Ribble, NRCA’s CEO, says: ‘Politicians are their most fearful the day before an election and most courageous the day after. The reason is simple: In their quest for power, it is on election day that legislators are the most powerless.’

“The 117th Congress brings a number of fresh faces to Washington, D.C., to govern on behalf of their constituents. And now at this critical time when Congress is most courageous, NRCA’s team of professionals will continue to work to secure the roofing industry’s future.

“But Election Day wasn’t the only opportunity to make your voice heard. With a donation to ROOFPAC, the only political action committee dedicated to supporting the roofing industry’s interests in Washington, you can fortify NRCA in its fight to safeguard your livelihood. And in the process, you can help protect hundreds of thousands of your colleagues working in the roofing industry.

ROOFPAC supports candidates who understand your business and NRCA trusts will make the best decisions to help you grow your company. NRCA was pleased nearly 90% of ROOFPAC- supported candidates succeeded in returning to Washington to serve this Congress. Ensuring qualified candidates are elected who believe in how your business benefits the community can help NRCA’s government relations activity reach unprecedented heights. Given the threat of inept government always on the precipice, the need for bolstered public affairs efforts grows ever more acute.

“Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, NRCA had to cancel several events that previously raised ROOFPAC funds by bringing some of our biggest supporters together. Without these events, ROOFPAC is in danger of losing ground, jeopardizing NRCA’s lobbying efforts at such a critical point. We need a strong ROOFPAC to amplify your voice on Capitol Hill.

“This year, the roofing industry likely will face increased regulatory burdens and taxation that will negatively affect your bottom line. Moreover, as Roofing Day in D.C. 2021—the premier industry advocacy event—has pivoted to a virtual format March 23-24, these personal connections with members of Congress and their staffs are even more meaningful.

“I have enjoyed working with and getting to know many NRCA members during these past few years. Now, I’m asking you to support ROOFPAC with a contribution in any increment up to a maximum of $5,000 annually. You can do so at Funds need to come from your personal checking account or credit card for NRCA to contribute these dollars to the campaigns of qualified candidates.

“Consider everything NRCA has achieved, especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. From the first day, NRCA led an industrywide effort to have roofing work recognized as essential to the U.S. economy and safety of residents and businesses. Numerous pieces of legislation and administrative rules have been written to help you manage your business during this crisis. And the Paycheck Protection Program has helped protect many U.S. roofing companies and their workers during the pandemic.

“Amidst strong support from NRCA, legislation passed and signed into law during the final days of 2020 contained a wealth of favorable provisions for the industry. These included top pandemic priorities such as ensuring expenses paid with forgiven PPP loan funds are fully tax-deductible; an extension and expansion of the Employee Retention Tax Credit; and an extension of tax credits for employers providing COVID-19-related paid leave benefits. Further, NRCA also helped secure a $52 million increase in funding for career and technical education state grants that will benefit the industry throughout the supply chain.

“For NRCA to continue building on these achievements and defend against looming threats to your business, a strong ROOFPAC is vital. I cannot overstate the urgency: Our presence has never been more necessary, and your help has never been more crucial.

“I’m stubbornly confident our nation and industry will meet these challenges, come out of this pandemic stronger and be on pace for a swift economic recovery. As Reid says: ‘Our industry is replete with the type of people who have made our country so successful and industrious.’ Please help NRCA and ROOFPAC as we fight for your business.”

Reid Ribble is NRCA's CEO.

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