Harnessing the power of the wind for roof system securement

Affected by material shortages of conventional fasteners and adhesives? Carlisle SynTec Systems’ VacuSeal™ Vent Secured Roofing System is a revolutionary, wind-ballasted system that uses a loose-laid membrane and specialized vents that harness the power of wind to create negative pressure, securing the roof in place. There’s no need for extensive installation equipment, adhesives or fasteners, which means less noise and fewer disruptions during the installation process. Plus, there are no adhesive odors, volatile organic compounds or cold weather limitations.

Extend your roofing season into the colder months

Polyglass' Elastoflex SA V Polar Base® and Elastoflex SA P Polar Cap® allow for roof system installation in temperatures between 25 F and 60 F. The products have unique qualities that improve efficiency and are designed for long-term performance. Polar Base is fiberglass-reinforced for excellent dimensional stability and finished with lay lines for ease of application. Polar Cap has an ultraviolet-stabilized granule surface and is polyester-reinforced for exceptional puncture and tear resistance. It also features patent-pending SEAL-Lap® Ultra and patented FASTLap® for immediate, more effective bonding of side and end lap seams, saving time and labor costs.

SpeedStand speeds up jobs

Get rid of your clumsy and sub-standard warning-line stands and step into more efficient, cost-saving equipment. SpeedStand makes protecting workers from falls quick and easy with one-piece stands that set up instantly and increase production. Made from steel with rubber pads, these durable stands are engineered to save labor job after job. To see why SpeedStand has been the industry standard for 18 years, call (800) 460-7579 or visit

It’s not just what you know but who you know. You need to know Dave.

What is your true value? Would you just like to know what’s out there? Do you have estimating software experience? Don’t make a career change until you speak with Dave Peterson. Dave has helped hundreds of roofing professionals obtain better jobs, get the pay they deserve, get better working conditions and move up the career ladder. If you are considering a change, contact Dave at or (800) 269-7319, or visit All information is confidential; fees are paid by the employer.

Are you considering selling your roofing, sheet metal and/or HVAC business?

Join us. With a solid financial base, available capital and an appreciation for what’s already working in your business, our group has a solid track record of creating successful alliances. We can tailor the sale to meet your needs. If you have an interest, please email All responses will be kept confidential.

Roof Repairs Only

For 31 years, we have developed a high-end, trusting, residential clientele. Supporting NPR along Florida’s Treasure Coast has provided a valuable customer base with expendable income. Our business’s average gross revenue during the past five years has been about $800,000. Vast reroofing opportunities remain available to our customers. Residential roofing license potentially available from an employee of 30 years. Seller is semiretiring and willing to discuss provisions for use of his general contractors license with personal involvement. Two buildings offer 5,000 square feet available for lease for a turnkey operation. Business only: $525,000. Call (772) 562-7663.


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