New Ideas

New color blends are available

DaVinci Roofscapes® recently added eight colors and eight color blends to its polymer slate and shake roofing tiles collection. The company now offers 49 standard colors and 28 standard color blends.

New polymer slate colors include medium terra cotta, dark terra cotta, light clay and dark clay. New shake line colors include light Chesapeake, medium light Chesapeake, medium Chesapeake and dark Chesapeake.

The new color blends are Milano, Cambridge, Sedona, Sabino, Sonora, canyon, harbor gray and Chesapeake.

Additionally, an enhanced Color Designer tool is available on DaVinci Roofscapes' website; the tool allows users to view the standard color blends or create custom color blends using up to five of the company's standard colors.

Telephone: (800) 328-4624

Heaters reduce costs

Polygon has added energy-efficient direct-fired heaters to its construction drying services to help maintain proper temperatures on job sites during winter.

The direct-fired heaters are said to be rugged and durable for the harshest winter conditions. Additionally, the heaters reportedly are economical to operate compared with conventional heaters because of lower rental costs and reduced fuel costs resulting from unique controls allowing burner turndown.

Telephone: (800) 422-6379

Gutter protection prevents pests

FXI Building Products Corp.'s Leaf Defier® gutter protection system is an open-cell polyurethane insert shaped to fit easily and snugly into gutters; it is said to prevent leaves, twigs, acorns, pine needles and other obstructions from clogging gutter systems.

Leaf Defier is said to be flexible and lightweight, requiring no tools or hardware for installation. The insert's material is factory-treated with a biocide and fungicide that is said to inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, fungus, algae and moss. It also has a built-in ultraviolet stabilizer to prevent degradation from the sun.

Telephone: (866) 795-4770

Safety glasses are colorful

Gateway Safety Inc. now offers StarLite® GUMBALLS™ safety glasses that reportedly combine popular design and colorful temples with a comfortable fit.

Each box of GUMBALLS includes 10 color options—cotton candy (pink), blueberry, orange, lemon yellow, cherry red, lime green, grape, vanilla, mocha brown and black licorice. Each pair of safety glasses also has a scratch-resistant, hard-coated, 100 percent polycarbonate lens with a dual 9.75 base curvature for unobstructed vision.

Telephone: (800) 822-5347

SPF applicator features new design

Convenience Products has added a new, ergonomically designed spray foam applicator to its Touch 'n Seal product line.

The applicator has a contoured trigger with rounded edges for comfort. The trigger also has been lengthened to fit four fingers.

The applicator features an anti-crossover nozzle system that is said to accurately meter chemical output from low to high application rates.

Telephone: (800) 325-6180

Asphalt shingles emulate slate

IKO Industries Ltd. has introduced Royal Estate asphalt shingles that emulate the look of natural slate tiles. The shingles are available in four colors: shadow slate, mountain slate, taupe slate and harvest slate. All the shingles have algae-resistant granules embedded into the surface layer to maintain a roof's appearance.

Telephone: (888) 456-7663

TPO membrane designed for solar installations

GAF Materials Corp. has introduced EverGuard® Extreme™ TPO Single-Ply Roofing, a TPO membrane designed with building-integrated solar installations in mind.

The membrane is said to offer higher reflectivity and heat resistance than typical TPO membranes and reportedly can withstand more than 180 days at 280 F before failing.

Telephone: (973) 628-3301

Product cleans and primes

MFM Building Products Corp. has introduced WeatherBond™ Multipurpose Primer, a solvent-based product designed to clean and prime an EPDM roof system's surface in one step before a waterproofing membrane is installed.

The primer reportedly does not require thinning. It can be applied with a dry natural-fiber rag or short-nap paint roller.

Telephone: (800) 882-7663

Metal product line features 30 colors

Duro-Last® Roofing Inc. has added a standing-seam metal product line to its roof system offerings.

The new line features five profiles and more than 30 colors and includes metal production capabilities provided by a nationwide network of independent regional manufacturers.

Telephone: (800) 248-0280


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