New Ideas

Drone generates roof reports

DroneDeploy has launched Roof Report, a drone solution for the roofing industry designed to generate accurate roof analytics. Roof Report is said to integrate an autonomous 3D Flight App with a roof-specific flight mode and an application that generates PDF roof reports and DXF files. The mapping and roof inspection platform allows companies to capture information from multiple houses. In 10 minutes, Roof Report's DroneDeploy 3D Flight App collects high-resolution aerial roof imagery of structural features and delivers a PDF containing square footage, slope and other roof features within four hours.

Perforated shingles help reduce waste

TAMKO® Building Products Inc. has added its Perforated Starter shingle to its line of starter shingles. Constructed from fiberglass mat coated with asphalt and surfaced with ceramic granules, the Perforated Starter shingle is intended for application to a roof's eave or rake edge to assist with proper alignment of a shingle course. The shingle's perforation reportedly helps contractors save time and reduce waste. The starter strip is said to fill in spaces under shingle joints and help the first course of shingles to seal. The Perforated Starter shingle can be used with TAMKO Building Products' line of asphalt shingles and comes in a bundle of 16 full-size, 13 1/4-inch perforated shingles to be separated into 32 starter strip shingles.

App digitizes home sales process

Leap has introduced the Leap app designed to be a digital solution for the in-home sales process. Leap reportedly can help home services professionals complete daily sales processes, including digital estimating, financing, contracting and communications. Users can create a digital library of brochures and company literature, convert paper price guides to digital guides and train sales employees.

Roof system does not need adhesive

VELCRO® and Carlisle SynTec Systems have made available the RapidLock™ Roofing System, a system that uses VELCRO Securable Solution™ products to fully attach Carlisle SynTec Systems' RapidLock roof membranes to RapidLock insulation without using an adhesive. The roof system reportedly is free of volatile organic compounds and odors and has no application temperature restrictions, enabling installation of the roof system during all types of weather. The RapidLock Roofing System reportedly features an FM 1-90 approval rating and wind-uplift ratings comparable to traditional fully adhered single-ply systems and is hail- and puncture-resistant. The RapidLock Roofing System is available with an EPDM or TPO membrane with InsulBase® or SecurShield® HD insulation.

EPDM membrane has strong seams

Johns Manville has introduced JM EPDM R FIT, a reinforced EPDM membrane sheet with tape-to-tape technology. The membrane sheet is designed to function on single-ply waterproofing membranes and is said to install quickly. No primer is needed to install the membrane. The membrane's bond between tape-to-tape membrane sheets reportedly is stronger than field-fabricated seams, and the watertight seam is never exposed on the rooftop, so the risk of contamination during installation and post-installation is said to be minimal. Because the 10- by 100-foot rolls are pre-taped, JM EPDM R FIT enables a longer window of application time.

Tags help monitor protective equipment

Honeywell has made available Connected Worker, a software solution that enables companies to connect their existing inventory of personal protective equipment (PPE) using Honeywell's cloud-based Safety Suite software and electronic tags. Connected Worker uses Honeywell's high-frequency radio identification tags that can be attached to safety equipment and are designed to withstand tough work-site conditions. When equipment is scanned into the Honeywell Safety Suite, safety managers can track and manage their inventory of PPE, making sure it is tested on schedule or repaired or replaced as needed, reducing the frequency of equipment failure. Three types of tags are available to cover a range of worker tools, safety devices and PPE: a tag that adheres to various flat, nonmetallic surfaces; a tag that can be mounted to metallic surfaces; and a sealed, rigid tag that can be attached to devices with irregular surfaces.

Membrane bonds to steel and metal

MFM Building Products has introduced DeckWrap™ PowerBond,™ a 25-mil-thick self-adhering waterproofing membrane designed to protect the surface of wood with its PowerBond adhesive system. The membrane is said to aggressively bond to wood or metal surfaces at temperatures as cold as 25 F and self-seal around nails, screws, punctures and other fasteners, preventing water penetration. DeckWrap PowerBond is suitable for use with treated, untreated and synthetic woods and stops corrosion of metal components that come in contact with ACQ-treated lumber. The membrane has a "self-stick" property for quick installation. DeckWrap PowerBond is available in a prepackaged 75-feet-long roll in widths of 3 or 6 inches, or a 25-feet-long roll with a 12-inch width.


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