New Ideas

Coatings can be applied multiple ways

Bitec Inc. has added Imper-Sol™ AC Acrylics, Imper-Sol EB All-in-One, Imper-Sol EB EP and Imper-Sol SI Silicone coating lines to its white reflective restoration coating offerings. The rubber and silicone coatings reportedly offer enhanced waterproofing and ultraviolet resistance. Single-component Imper-Sol coatings can be applied by brush or roller or sprayed on multiple roof substrate types. Imper-Sol coatings give customers an option to extend the life of a roof system by eliminating the need for full tear-off and replacement.

Underlayments are designed for hot temperatures

Mule-Hide Co. Inc. has made available four self-adhering roof underlayments designed for use in high-temperature applications. Shur-Gard MU Force HT and Shur-Gard MU Ultra HT are for use in metal roof systems. Shur-Gard TU Force HT and Shur-Gard TU Ultra HT are for use in steep-slope adhesive-bonded and mechanically attached concrete and clay tile roof systems. The SBS polymer-modified underlayments feature textured slip-resistant surfaces and reportedly can withstand exposure to ultraviolet light. Shur-Gard MU Ultra HT can be used for applications in which temperatures reach 250 F, and the other underlayments are temperature-resistant to 265 F. The underlayments also are designed for hassle-free installation: The adhesive is protected by a factory-applied split-release film, and a 3-inch adhesive selvedge edge is said to improve overlap bonding. Shur-Gard MU Force HT and Shur-Gard TU Force HT are reinforced with a flexible fiberglass mat for tensile strength; thermal stability; and conformation to valleys, corners and angles. Shur-Gard MU Ultra HT and Shur-Gard TU Ultra HT are nonreinforced and can be used as flashing membranes to protect leak-prone areas such as valleys, roof-to-wall transitions, and around vents and skylights.

Shelf lighting for vans

WEATHER GUARD® has introduced WEATHER GUARD Van Shelf Lighting with integrated PowerSync™ Technology. The shelf lighting can be customized to provide the ideal lighting solution. WEATHER GUARD Van Shelf Lighting with PowerSync Technology features low-profile, commercial-grade LED light strips that brighten each shelf in a van’s storage area. The lights can be placed in any location on the shelf and are compatible with WEATHER GUARD and standard van shelving. Lighting terminals connect directly to the van’s battery, and the lights are activated by a switch mounted to the van’s shelf or bulkhead. Integrated PowerSync Technology reportedly provides increased illumination and does not require cutting, splicing or battery replacement.

Stapler is cordless

KYOCERA SENCO Industrial Tools Inc. has introduced its F-LXP cordless stapler. SENCO’s FUSION technology reportedly enables the stapler to feel and perform like a pneumatic stapler without a hose or compressor. The F-LXP shoots 18-gauge L-wire staples with a 1/4-inch crown. Ideal for insulation, underlayment, siding, soffits and more, the F-LXP accommodates staples from 3/8 of an inch to 1 1/2 inches in length. The stapler features a self-contained compressed air cylinder to drive fasteners like a traditional stapler. The F-LXP’s 18-volt, lithium-ion battery powers an electric motor that recompresses air in a fraction of a second, allowing for instant firing with no ramp-up time. Additional features include an LED light, jam-reduction intelligence, dry fire lockout, selectable actuation switch and streamlined contact elements for safety.

Capsules resist algae growth

GAF has added time-release algae-fighting technology to its Timberline HDZ® asphalt shingles. The new technology now is standard for many shingles in GAF’s residential product line, including ridge cap and visible starter strip shingles. The technology is made of specially engineered capsules said to release copper steadily over time. Compared with more traditional copper-coated granules that eventually can degrade and become less effective, GAF’s capsules are infused throughout with thousands of copper microsites to fight algae.

Membrane system improves water resistance

The Garland Co. has introduced its Cool-Sil™ fluid-applied membrane system. The liquid rubber membrane is said to extend the lives of aging single-ply, polymer-modified bitumen and metal roof systems by significantly enhancing watertight performance. The solvent-free system has a high solids content that reportedly provides a durable mold- and mildew-resistant roof covering. Its high reflectivity can reduce a building’s energy cooling costs and provide a more comfortable indoor environment. Cool-Sil also is P151-certified by NSF International, a global product testing organization, as being safe for waterways. The Cool-Sil line has product variations to meet various performance and application requirements, including a high-build version for maximum protection, flashing-grade option, primers, all-purpose sealant and skylight sealer.


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