New Ideas

Gloves have abrasion-resistant coating

Brass Knuckle® has made available medium-duty SmartCut™ BKCR3520 cut-resistant gloves featuring a reinforced thumb crotch to provide additional strength between the thumbs and forefingers, protecting an area susceptible to wear and tear while extending the life of the gloves. Designed for tasks requiring dexterity and slip resistance, the gloves have an abrasion-resistant nitrile foam coating on the fingers and palms to channel liquids away from the gripping surface. The gloves’ shell is made from lightweight, seamless 15-gauge polyethylene fiber and their full-knit wrist coverage is seamless and stretchable for a snug fit that reportedly prevents dirt and debris from getting inside.

Pre-vegetated system is customizable

SOPREMA® Inc. has made available the SOPRANATURE® Toundra Box, an all-in-one pre-vegetated modular tray system. The system is composed of a module containing a filter cloth that is customizable for water retention based on plant selection and a growing medium in which a mix of sedum species is cultivated. The mix of vegetation can be adapted according to the local hardiness zone and climatic conditions to help ensure healthy vegetation. Made from 100% recycled polypropylene, SOPRANATURE Toundra Box modules are lightweight, hold a large volume of water and are said to resist wind uplift. Removable peripheral casings allow side-by-side installation and hide the module edges for a clean finish once the product has been placed. The system is suitable for small and large surfaces and can be installed on SOPRANATURE green roofs, garden terraces and plaza decks.

Prefabricated products reduce waste

Atlas® Roofing Corp. has introduced its SureSlope™ Prefabricated Tapered Products designed to minimize installation time and material waste. The polyisocyanurate roof insulation products reportedly are ideal for new and reroofing applications. Each product features a closed-cell foam core bonded to nonasphaltic fiber-reinforced organic felt or inorganic coated-glass facers for dimensional stability and thermal performance. SureSlope Prefabricated Tapered Products include drain sets, pre-cut miter, pre-cut cricket and tapered edge strips.

Underlayment installs without fasteners

Boral® Roofing LLC has introduced Boral Acrilay® roof underlayment, a single-layer system that combines SBS polymer-modified asphalt with a proprietary acrylic adhesive. The underlayment reportedly protects against wind and rain; reduces installation time; and does not require fasteners, air compressors or other installation equipment. Boral Acrilay can be applied in its solid state in temperatures as cold as 40 F and as hot as 240 F. With 6-inch strips of adhesive and release liners to protect the adhesive at the toe and head laps, the underlayment adheres directly to a roof deck or itself, allowing for more than 27 inches of nonadhered underlayment between adhesive strips. The underlayment can be used with all Boral Roofing clay, concrete, stone-coated steel and composite roofing solutions, as well as under shingles and most steep-slope roofing materials.

Hammers have kickback control technology

Bosch Power Tools has added PROFACTOR™ SDS-Max® 18V Hitman™ Rotary Hammers to its line of PROFACTOR cordless tools. Designed to deliver performance comparable to corded rotary hammers, Bosch PROFACTOR Rotary Hammers feature Bosch Power Tools’ BITURBO Brushless™ technology and are powered by 8Ah and 12Ah CORE18V™ batteries for strong performance in heavy-duty applications. The GBH18V-36C 1 9/16-inch Rotary Hammer delivers 5.2 foot-pounds of impact energy, and the GBH18V-45C 1 7/8-inch SDS-Max Rotary Hammer delivers 9.3 foot-pounds of impact energy. The rotary hammers also feature kickback control technology said to reduce the risk of sudden tool reactions in binding conditions and vibration control in the handles for improved user comfort.

Shingles resist hail and algae

CertainTeed® Corp. has made available NorthGate® architectural asphalt shingles with ClimateFlex® technology. NorthGate ClimateFlex is engineered for increased pliability on a molecular level, allowing for efficient, all-weather installations. The hail-resistant shingles also feature QuadraBond,™ StreakFighter,® and NailTrak® technologies that reportedly enhance bond strength and algae resistance and enable rapid nailing speeds. The SBS polymer-modified asphalt shingles replicate the look of natural wood or slate and offer Class 4 impact resistance and enhanced granule adhesion. NorthGate ClimateFlex is available in the Central, Mid Atlantic, New England and Northwest regions.


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