Making the grade

R & S Construction Services Inc. installs a roof system on Yale University's Lewis Walpole Library

Photos are courtesy of Follansbee,® Follansbee, W. Va.

The new library building was designed to resemble a red barn.

Located in Farmington, Conn., the Lewis Walpole Library has been a department of the Yale University Library since 1980. It is an internationally recognized research collection&emdash;with more than 32,000 volumes&emdash;that covers all aspects of 18th century British culture.

Horace Walpole was the youngest son of Sir Robert Walpole, England's first prime minister. During his lifetime (1717-1797), Walpole wrote many letters with details of his life. Wilmarth Sheldon Lewis, who graduated from Yale University in 1918, became fascinated by the view of the 18th century described in Walpole's correspondences. Lewis acquired as much information about Walpole as he could, including books, manuscripts, prints and arts. He spent almost 50 years&emdash;until his death in 1979&emdash;editing Walpole's correspondence.