Chapter format of NFPA 5000

Chapter 1 Administration
Chapter 2 Referenced Publications
Chapter 3 Definitions
Chapter 4 General
Chapter 5 Performance-based Option
Chapter 6 Classification of Occupancy, Classification of Hazard of Contents and Special Operations
Chapter 7 Construction Types and Height and Area Requirements
Chapter 8 Fire-resistive Materials and Construction
Chapter 9 Reserved
Chapter 10 Interior Finish
Chapter 11 Means of Egress
Chapter 12 Accessibility
Chapter 13 Encroachments into the Public Right of Way
Chapter 14 Safeguards During Construction
Chapter 15 Building Rehabilitation
Chapter 16 Assembly Occupancies
Chapter 17 Educational Occupancies
Chapter 18 Day-care Occupancies
Chapter 19 Health Care Occupancies
Chapter 20 Ambulatory Health Care Occupancies
Chapter 21 Detention and Correctional Occupancies
Chapter 22 One- and Two-family Dwellings
Chapter 23 Lodging or Rooming House Occupancies
Chapter 24 Hotels and Dormitory Occupancies
Chapter 25 Apartment Buildings
Chapter 26 Residential Board and Care Occupancies
Chapter 27 Mercantile Occupancies
Chapter 28 Business Occupancies
Chapter 29 Industrial Occupancies
Chapter 30 Storage Occupancies
Chapter 31 Occupancies in Special Structures
Chapter 32 Special Construction
Chapter 33 High-rise Buildings
Chapter 34 High Hazard Contents
Chapter 35 Structural Design
Chapter 36 Soils, Foundations and Retaining Walls
Chapter 37 Exterior Wall Construction
Chapter 38 Roof Assemblies and Roof Structures
Chapter 39 Flood-resistant Design and Construction
Chapter 40 Quality Assurance During Construction
Chapter 41 Concrete
Chapter 42 Aluminum
Chapter 43 Masonry
Chapter 44 Steel
Chapter 45 Wood
Chapter 46 Glass and Glazing
Chapter 47 Gypsum Board, Lath and Plaster
Chapter 48 Plastics
Chapter 49 Interior Environment
Chapter 50 Mechanical Systems
Chapter 51 Energy Efficiency
Chapter 52 Electrical Systems
Chapter 53 Plumbing Systems
Chapter 54 Elevators and Conveying Systems
Chapter 55 Fire Protection Systems and Equipment
Annex A Explanatory Material
Annex B Vermin Proofing
Annex C Flood Resistant Construction
Annex D Nonmandatory Informational References
Index Index

Section format for Chapter 38—Roof Assemblies and Roof Structures of NFPA 5000

Section 38.1 Scope
Section 38.2 Exterior Fire Exposure
Section 38.3 Interior Fire Exposure
Section 38.4 Wind Resistance
Section 38.5 Hail Resistance
Section 38.6 Slope Roof Covering Underlayment Requirements
Section 38.7 Attic Ventilation
Section 38.8 Roof Flashing Requirements
Section 38.9 Roof Deck Requirements
Section 38.10 Reroofing
Section 38.11 Roof Drainage
Section 38.12 Rooftop Structures
Section 38.13 Towers and Spires
Section 38.14 Light-transmitting Plastic Roof Panels, Sloped Glazing and Skylights
Section 38.15 Rooftop Heliports

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