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The new membership proposition

The challenge facing all associations, including NRCA, is this: With so much information available online, how can we redefine the value proposition to attract and keep members? It's a question we've been facing for several years, and we'd like to think our new approach to providing member services addresses it head on. For starters:

  • Members can access thousands of dollars worth of publications for free through our website and apps. Among other things, this means The NRCA Roofing Manual and The NRCA Safety Manual are accessible anywhere—even on roofs.
  • We've developed a network of experts who are available for free consultations with members. These folks include an attorney, marketing professional, human resources company and information technology company.
  • We've broadened the number—and quality— of our affinity programs, and we know we have saved many members more than their annual dues through our group purchasing power. Those programs include special pricing with Staples,® Choice™ Hotels, Firestone vehicle service centers and FedEx,® among many others.

The other challenge for us is to remain engaged in important areas that are not always seen as daily membership benefits. We devote a lot of resources, for example, to our involvement in the building codes arena. We've had a lot of success there, but much of that success has been preventing bad things from happening. And the same is true with our efforts in Washington, D.C., where our lobbying efforts aren't always apparent but are incredibly important.

Meanwhile, we fully understand we have to be engaged in some of the most pressing issues our members face every day. For the past several years, the issue we hear most about is the workforce: how to find, train and keep people in the roofing industry.

During the course of the next few months, you'll be hearing more about a new training initiative we're developing to address that issue, and you'll learn more about the work we're doing with schools of construction management. Most recently, we launched our new online Career Center, which includes information to help members recruit and also includes two separate job listing services.

Our members also tell us they simply can't keep up with the crush of new government regulations, and that has been at the top of our priority list, as well. As just one example, we're preparing to invest tens of thousands of dollars to help members comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's new silica rule.

We understand we need to continually reshape ourselves to meet the industry's demands. We hope these efforts are as valuable as we think they are and, as always, invite your feedback.

Bill Good is NRCA's CEO.


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