Redding School of the Arts, Redding, Calif., is a charter school for students who have an interest in visual and performing arts. The school was designed to create opportunities to show students, teachers and parents the importance of sustainability while inspiring students in creative, colorful surroundings.

The school's roof is protected by 520 squares of Louisville, Ky.-based Metal Sales Manufacturing Corp.'s Magna-Loc pencil-ribbed standing-seam metal panels installed by Kodiak Roofing and Waterproofing Co., Lincoln, Calif. Many panels have attached rigid photovoltaic (PV) panels. An additional 12 squares of Magna-Loc flat-pan metal panels were installed on a nearby utility building and act as a roof surface for PV laminate solar panels.

Completed in August 2011, Redding School of the Arts is the first new school campus to receive Platinum certification under the LEED® for Schools 2009 standards and is expected to achieve net-zero energy consumption.



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