A new year

June is an exciting time for NRCA as it begins a new fiscal year filled with new initiatives, new leadership and new goals to achieve.

For example, as of June 1, all NRCA contractor members automatically will become National Roofing Legal Resource Center (NRLRC) members, giving them access to legal resources and expertise that previously was available only to NRLRC members. I encourage NRCA contractor members to register to receive NRLRC's monthly e-newsletter, The Legal Center, at

And NRCA will be expanding its existing Risk Management Section into the Enterprise Risk Management Section, which will focus on a broad range of topics to help NRCA members manage all the risks they face.

In addition, this month NRCA will be launching, a new website that will provide homeowners and building owners with helpful information related to roofing, finding NRCA roofing professionals, and what to do following major weather events and natural disasters.

And as an added customer service benefit, NRCA's online store,, now features a live chat option. NRCA Bookstore visitors can chat live with a customer service representative to receive answers to questions they have about NRCA's products, services and educational offerings, as well as leave messages for staff.

Incoming NRCA President Rich Nugent's agenda for the year includes continuing NRCA's effort to reach 5,000 members. To read more about Nugent's goals, see "A Rich journey," page 26.

Not everything NRCA will do this year will be new, of course. For example, the association will continue to honor excellence in the roofing industry, and "Continued excellence," page 32, showcases some of the extraordinary workers this industry is lucky to call its own.

To learn more about NRCA activities and roofing industry developments, follow NRCA on Facebook and Twitter and visit where you can register to receive NRCA's weekly e-newsletter, NRCA E-News.

Ambika Puniani Bailey is editor of Profes­sional Roofing and NRCA's associate executive director of communications and production.


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