The next frontier

After several years of planning and discussion, NRCA now has an office in India. NRCA India, located in Cochin on the southwest side of the Indian peninsula, is a response to increasing demand from industry stakeholders in the region hoping to lend more professionalism, standardization and credibility to the Indian roofing trade.

"Having a presence in a country experiencing such rapid growth gives us a terrific opportunity to reach new markets with many of our existing products and services while helping promote the best roofing practices outside the U.S.," says Bill Good, NRCA's executive vice president.

Although the office has not officially opened for business (last-minute paperwork with the Indian government is awaiting approval), NRCA India already has 15 founding members, a striking achievement in so short a time.

In May, an NRCA delegation visited the office for a ceremonial ribbon cutting and then went to Chennai to attend Roof India 2012, the country's largest exhibit devoted to the roofing trade. The trade show boasted 120 booths and drew about 5,000 attendees. During the show, NRCA staff and leadership had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of Indian roofing professionals who look forward to working with NRCA India to provide much-needed information about quality roof system design, installation and maintenance; develop codes and standards; and share best practices to solve common problems.

"What was most remarkable about the show was learning how well-recognized NRCA has become around the world," Good says. "What makes India unique for us is we are not seen as intruding, and we share a common language. We are truly excited about all the possibilities."

Ambika Puniani Bailey is editor of Profes­sional Roofing and NRCA's senior director of communications.


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