Guidance for homeowners

NRCA offers residential roofing contractors several publications to help educate homeowners

Most homeowners only reroof their homes once—maybe twice—in a lifetime, and buying a new roof system is a significant investment. When it’s time to reroof, many homeowners have many questions about the reroofing process.

To help you educate homeowners about how to make smart roofing decisions, NRCA has published a series of homeowner-oriented publications that you can provide to homeowners as part of your sales, installation and project closeout processes.


FYI, Buying a New Roof and Getting Your Money’s Worth, is a 20-page pamphlet that explains the basic process of buying a new roof, describes roof system components and terminology, provides NRCA’s recommendations for choosing a professional roofing contractor and answers commonly asked questions.

Members can download FYI free or purchase the pamphlets from NRCA in packages of 100.

Homeowners guide

Homeowners Guide to Asphalt Shingle Roof Systems is a 28-page, pocket-size document that describes roof slope, steep-slope roof system configurations, why reroofing may be necessary, roof system materials and installation, attic ventilation and ice-dam protection. It also discusses specific items that should be included in a contractor’s estimate or proposal, defining a reroofing project’s scope of work and materials, and steps for project completion and contractor final payment.

Members can download the guide free or purchase it from NRCA in packages of 10.

Quality control guidelines

Quality Control Guidelines for the Application of Asphalt Shingle Roof Systems, published jointly by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association and NRCA, provides industry-recognized quality control procedures specific to asphalt shingle roof system installations.

The most effective means to evaluate the quality of a new asphalt shingle roof system installation is by thorough visual examination and evaluation at the time of application. This typically is carried out by the job-site lead person or foreman or, in some cases, a contractor’s field superintendent.

The document describes the elements of an effective application quality control program. Evaluation criteria and corrective action, if deemed necessary, are provided for roof substrate surfaces, underlayment, drip edge, fasteners, asphalt shingles and flashings. Checklists also are provided for project sequencing and housekeeping. This document can be used to describe your company’s installation quality control process to homeowners.

Members can download single copies of the document or purchase them in hard-copy format from NRCA. Post-job inspection forms are available in tear-off pads of 25.

Homeowner inspection and maintenance

Asphalt Shingle Roof Systems: A Homeowners Guide for Inspection, Maintenance and Repair functions as an owner’s manual for asphalt shingle roof systems.

A manufacturer’s warranty does not replace the need for periodic inspections and necessary maintenance and repairs to a newly installed asphalt shingle roof system. This guide explains to homeowners their inspection, maintenance and repair responsibilities and provides a checklist for performing homeowner maintenance inspections. Inspections and maintenance will optimize a homeowner’s roof system service life.

In the event a homeowner is not interested in or comfortable with performing inspections and routine maintenance (such as cleaning gutters), NRCA encourages homeowners to hire professional roofing contractors to perform these services.

Members can download the document free or purchase it in hard-copy format in packs of 10.

Closing thoughts

Homeowners make significant investments in their homes, and properly designed, manufactured, installed and maintained roof systems play an important role in protecting homes and their contents.

Residential roofing contractors can assist homeowners in making informed roof system purchasing, maintenance and repair decisions. And NRCA’s homeowner-oriented documents can provide helpful independent, third-party information that helps educate homeowners and assist them in making well-informed roofing decisions.

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Mark S. Graham is NRCA's vice president of technical services.

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