New Ideas

Generator powers multiple tools

Hy-Tech Products Inc. has made available its Roof Pro 18,000W generator. Fitted with a powerful Briggs & Stratton Vanguard open-air-cooled engine with 100% copper windings for improved motor starting, the generator reportedly can simultaneously power two 240-volt welders or one 240-volt welder and up to four 120-volt hand tools. A restrictor plate helps ensure users don’t overdraw power and blow capacitors. The Roof Pro 18,000W generator also features a locking brake system, forklift slots and hoisting hook, four-wheel dolly kit and fold-down pull handle. The generator’s extended 15-gallon steel fuel tank is designed to eliminate hydrocarbon emissions and is said to enable up to seven hours of continuous operation.

Vents have increased air flow capacity

WindSmart® has introduced its WindForce 365™ Equalization Vent. Designed for use with concrete, metal or wood roof decks, the vents harness wind to create air-sealed, pressure-equalized commercial roof systems. WindForce 365 Equalization Vents are engineered to have increased air flow capacity said to improve wind-uplift resistance and moisture-removal capacities. The vents have a modular integrated design allowing for operational and internal roof inspections and are manufactured from impact- and ultraviolet-resistant plastics. Said to install easily, the vents add contemporary aesthetics to low-slope roof systems.

Flashing solution contains flexible mesh

Boral Roofing LLC has made available Wakaflex, a permanent flashing solution. Made from weather-resistant polyisobutylene, the flashing also contains an interior aluminum mesh for flexibility. When shaped to a surface, Wakaflex chemically seals to itself for a strong hold. The flashing reportedly can be used on a variety of materials, including concrete, clay, aluminum, galvanized steel, stone-coated steel, vinyl and wood structured panels. Wakaflex may be used for step flashings, headwalls, pipe penetrations, pitch transitions, valley junctures, valley soakers, chimneys and skylights. It also may be used as a solution for solar panels, hip and ridge junctures, sidewalls, splayed gables and repair applications, as well as for details that require weather protection. Wakaflex is offered in 22-pound 11- by 33-inch rolls and 27-pound 22- by 16 1/2-inch rolls.

Insulation blocks radiant heat transfer

Covertech has introduced rFOIL Ultra White 2600 Series metal building insulation. rFOIL Ultra White insulation is a single or double layer of polyethylene bubbles bonded to and placed between a radiant barrier metalized foil and white polyethylene sheet. Designed to control heat gain and loss in metal buildings, the insulation reportedly blocks 97% of radiant heat transfer and prevents interior condensation. The puncture- and tear-resistant insulation features Quickseam-Taped Tabs for easy installation.

Hard hat liner isn’t bulky

Ergodyne has added the N-Ferno® 6871 2-Layer Winter Hard Hat Liner with Mouthpiece Kit to its line of cold-weather work gear. The kit includes a lightweight hard hat liner with two layers of insulation and a thermal mouthpiece attachment for full-face coverage. The thermal liner is shoulder-length to keep a user’s head, ears and neck covered and said to fit comfortably under a hard hat without feeling bulky. The thermal liner and the mouthpiece reportedly have breathable 100% cotton twill outer shells and soft fleece linings. Four hook and loop straps on the liner’s exterior securely attach to a hard hat’s interior for added weather protection. The mouthpiece’s hook and loop closures are adjustable to prevent the mask from moving out of place, and the mouthpiece’s hard-shell design prevents the mask from being sucked into a user’s mouth for plenty of breathing space and protection from cold air. Both kit pieces are machine-washable.

Horizontal lifeline protects two users

Guardian Fall Protection has introduced its new HTL Horizontal Lifeline for use in fall-protection systems. Lightweight and durable, the horizontal lifeline reportedly can accommodate two workers in fall-arrest situations at 30-, 60- and 100-foot lengths. No inline shock absorber is required because the HTL Horizontal Lifeline’s double-braided polyester rope functions as a shock absorber. The horizontal lifeline’s built-in tension swivel is said to keep the lifeline in an optimal position, and nylon thimbles protect the rope against wear and prevent loops. The HTL Horizontal Lifeline kit includes a rope, a tensioner to tighten and secure the lifeline, two O-rings for easy connection and smooth movement along the rope, two double-locking carabiners, two 6-foot cross arm straps and a storage bag. The weight capacity of the horizontal lifeline is 130 to 310 pounds per worker.


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