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Primer provides durable foundation

The Garland Co. Inc. has introduced its White-Knight® Metal Primer, an all-purpose aromatic urethane with nonlifting properties that reportedly is ideal for urethane top coats and effective as a base coat for The Garland Co.'s White-Knight roof restoration system.

The primer reportedly is durable and adheres to properly prepared metal surfaces. It is designed for application to stainless steel, galvanized metals, Galvalume®-coated metals, copper, aluminum and Kynar®-coated metal roof systems.

When applied as the primer coating under a White-Knight top coat, White-Knight Metal Primer is said to provide a durable foundation for a sustainable and easy-to-maintain roof system.

Telephone: (800) 321-9336

Binder can be used in TPO restoration

Arkema Coating Resins has added ENCOR® Flex 192 to its line of binders for elastomeric roof coatings.

ENCOR Flex 192 is a modified acrylic binder designed for coatings used in commercial TPO roof membrane restoration. The binder reportedly resists dirt, enhances adhesion to TPO and can eliminate the need for a solvent primer, helping reduce roof system maintenance and restoration costs.

Telephone: (866) 837-5532

Software is updated

AppliCad's updated software, V5.9, now is available for download. V5.9 incorporates features in specialized software for roofing and cladding takeoff.

Software users can import oblique images and measure the slope of the gable end or hip end of the roof to plus or minus half a degree. Using regular 3-D computer-aided design functions for aligning the job origin and vector math for measuring roof slope, AppliCad V5.9 can be used by roofing workers who regularly use aerial images for preparing roof estimates.

Telephone: (800) 966-1698

Safety strip provides safe environment

GenFlex® has introduced its Peel & Stick™ Yellow Safety Strip to its line of Peel & Stick rooftop accessories. The strip is a nominal 30-mil-thick yellow TPO membrane laminated to a white, cured seam tape. The strip is 5½ inches wide and 11 feet long and packaged one roll per carton. It is designed specifically to identify caution areas on a roof system and provide a safer environment for maintenance workers or other rooftop traffic.

Peel & Stick Yellow Safety Strip can be used to identify areas of concern, such as roof edges, HVAC units, daylights or skylights, expansion joints or drain sumps, or vegetative roof systems.

Telephone: (800) 443-4272

Roof system is durable

Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance has introduced AlphaGuard™ MT, the first product in the company's new AlphaGuard series of fluid-applied roof systems.

AlphaGuard MT's moisture-triggered curing mechanism reportedly allows for faster installation, saving time and money on projects. It is a single-component, fully reinforced, aliphatic polyurethane roof system composed of a base coat reinforced with a glass mat for durability and a top coat.

AlphaGuard MT is said to resist chemicals, traffic, hail, mold, mildew and fungus and have excellent cold-weather flexibility, tensile strength and elongation properties, making it durable.

Telephone: (800) 562-2728

Panel installs quickly

Metl-Span® LLC has introduced its LS-36 insulated metal panel for roof and wall applications. LS-36 uses a through-fastened joint for quick installation and reportedly offers a number of design options.

The panel is available in a 36-inch width; 1 1/2-, 2-, 2 1/2-, 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-inch thicknesses; and 8- to 50-foot lengths.

Telephone: (877) 585-9969

System organizes tools

Ergodyne has added Arsenal® Buddy System™ to its tool storage solutions. The system serves as an organization solution for quick and easy access to tools.

Arsenal Buddy System includes the 5850K Buddy System, a tool carrier with four colored clam shells for organizing tools and equipment; 5850 Buddies Carrier, a modular system for ergonomically carrying tools and equipment; and the 5875 and 5876 Buddy Organizers, two-pocket clam shell designs for organizing tools and accessories.

Telephone: (800) 225-8238


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