New Ideas

Tether kit prevents dropped tools

Pure Safety Group has added the 99-11-0127 all-in-one tool tether kit to its Stronghold® line of products. The kit is designed for use in general construction and helps prevent at-height tool drops. The kit features Stronghold tethers that connect tools to a user’s wrists, belt and other anchors. Coils, bungees and swiveling tethers are said to prevent tangles while a tool is in use. The tethers can accommodate commonly used tools, including hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, levels, pliers, tape measures and cordless tools.

Solar panels are lightweight

Sunflare® Solar has introduced LiteMount solar panels. Each ultralightweight panel weighs less than 1 pound per square foot installed. LiteMount solar panels can be installed on weight-constrained roof systems and are said to seamlessly integrate with metal roof attachment systems. The panels can be mechanically attached in three steps for easy installation. The panels are shatter-resistant and resist the effects of shading with bypass diodes at every panel cell. LiteMount solar panels reportedly will continue to operate unless fully shaded. The low-profile panels are UL-certified and Class A fire-rated.

Underlayment is slip-resistant

CertainTeed® LLC has introduced DryRoof SA, a lightweight self-adhering underlayment designed to be a wind-driven rain guard along eves, valleys and roof penetrations. Intended for use with asphalt shingles, the underlayment features a split-release backing for fast installation. DryRoof SA reportedly resists ultraviolet exposure for six months, adheres well to most surfaces and features a slip-resistant sand surface said to reduce the risk of falls. Each DryRoof SA roll covers a 195-square-foot area, and there are 33 rolls per pallet. DryRoof SA currently is available in the Southeast, south Atlantic and south-central U.S. regions.

Lightweight gloves are flexible

Brass Knuckle® has added SmartCut BKCR2403 gloves with ANSI Level 2 cut protection to its SmartCut line of hand-protection products. The gloves are designed to provide light cut protection and a long-wearing grip, as well as a high level of dexterity for tasks requiring fine motor skills. SmartCut BKCR2403 gloves are made from a blend of high-strength filament fibers said to enhance cut resistance and nylon and spandex for dexterity. The gloves feature a lightweight 18-gauge polyethylene and glass-fiber shell and a black polyurethane palm coating for abrasion protection. The thinner yarn composition reportedly allows for more stitches per inch, enhancing a user’s comfort, and a flat polyurethane palm coating improves handling ability on dry surfaces. SmartCut BKCR2403 gloves also have seamless full-knit wrist coverage to prevent dirt and debris from getting inside the gloves.

Insulation panels made from recycled content

SOPREMA® Inc. has made available its SOPRA-XPS line of extruded polystyrene thermal insulation panels for use in inverted roof membrane assemblies, walls and foundations. With dense closed-cell composition, SOPRA-XPS panels reportedly have long-term thermal resistances of 5 per inch even at cold temperatures and low water absorption. Containing up to 70% recycled content and produced without HFC-134a gas as a blowing agent, SOPRA-XPS panels are environmentally friendly with no effect on ozone depletion. SOPRA-XPS 35 is ideal for insulating new or refurbished inverted roofs to improve thermal resistance, and SOPRA-XPS 40, 60 and 100 are designed for heavy-load applications requiring high-density insulation, including vegetative roof systems.

Solar panel bracket aids air flow

S-5! has made available its RibBracket V for mounting solar panels to trapezoidal rib metal roof systems. The sheeting-only solar panel attachment reportedly can be placed anywhere along a roof’s ribs and is designed specifically for Ternium TR 72, TR 101 (R-72 and R-101) and similar roof profiles. RibBracket V features flex-to-fit legs said to ensure proper fit. The bracket places fasteners in shear rather than pull-out, providing a stronger attachment. The bracket’s compatible top rib dimension range is 3/4 of an inch to 1 inch, and its elevated profile provides 4 inches of air space above the rib to maximize air flow under solar panels and a large channel for wire management.


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