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Saw is powerful

Metabo Corp. has introduced the KSAP 18, a cordless 6 1/2-inch circular saw with a high-efficiency motor said to provide more cuts per charge than any saw in its class. The saw's design is said to reduce operator fatigue by keeping the user's wrist in line, and the rubber-coated handle is said to improve operator handling.

The KSAP 18 uses an air-cooled battery system said to cool the battery and charger and result in 30 percent faster charging and an increased service life of up to 2,000 charges. Other features include a spindle-stop system said to allow for easy changes of standard 6 1/2- by 5/8-inch saw blades; bevel plate said to provide bevel cuts up to 47 degrees; and integrated dust extraction port for hookup to a vacuum, which is said to minimize cleanup time and dust inhalation.

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Heat gun is self-contained

STAR Process Heat Systems LLC has made available its Model 4200-R rechargeable heat gun kit for welding single-ply roof membranes. It is said to allow hot-air welding without power cords and generators.

Model 4200-R is battery-powered and said to operate effectively from 5 F to 122 F. The hot air is supplied by a LEISTER mini hot-air welder and hot-air duration is said to be 40 minutes to 60 minutes at 1,000 F maximum air temperature.

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Bolt cutters feature strength

Ridge Tool Co. now offers RIDGID® bolt cutters with jaws that are manufactured from a heat-treated hardened alloy steel said to extend blade life and cut metals up to 42 Rockwell (RC) hardness.

RIDGID bolt cutters have rugged handle grips and are offered in lengths ranging from 14 inches to 42 inches.

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Boom lifts reach high

Specialty Equipment Co. has made available two Scanlift XS Series boom lifts that are said to provide exceptional reach and easy transport by a 1-ton or larger truck and trailer. The Scanlift XS 240 and Scanlift XS 190 are powered by diesel engines and have four-wheel drive and oscillating front axles.

The Scanlift XS 240 has a 79-foot working height, 506-pound platform capacity and weighs 10,600 pounds. Proportional hydraulic controls and automatic self-leveling outriggers also are featured. The Scanlift XS 190 has a 61-foot height, 506-pound platform capacity, full hydraulic controls and 8,140-pound vehicle weight.

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Underlayment handles long-term exposure

Polyglass® has introduced its Polystick™ TU P underlayment, an APP-modified bitumen rubberized waterproofing membrane with a fiberglass-reinforced polyester mat that is said to handle exposure to the elements for up to 36 months.

Polystick TU P, for use with roof tiles, is said to provide thermal stability at temperatures up to 260 F and has a granular surface that is said to be skid-resistant.

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Screws are anti-corrosive

PAM Fastening Technology has introduced its Copperhead line of wood screws recommended for ACQ-, CBA-A- and CA-B-treated lumber. The screws are designed for use with PAM's P13 autofeed screwdriver system.

Available in collated strips of 50 and 2-, 2 1/2- and 3-inch lengths, Copperhead wood screws are said to use an anti-corrosion coating that withstands 1,500 hours of salt-spray testing.

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Boom lifts offer capabilities

JLG Industries Inc. has introduced Tow-Pro™ trailer-mounted boom lifts, said to have larger working envelopes and faster towing speeds than similar products on the market. Each of the two models, Tow-Pro T350 and Tow-Pro T500J, feature self-leveling hydraulic outriggers and a removable platform control box.

Tow-Pro Model T350 has a 35-foot platform height with a 20-foot horizontal reach and Tow-Pro Model T500J has a 50-foot platform height that includes a 4-foot jib boom with 130-degree vertical motion and a 30-foot horizontal reach. Both models feature 370-degree noncontinuous turntable rotation and are said to have 500-pound capacity in their 30- by 48-inch aluminum platforms.

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Guardrail is collapsible

BlueWater Manufacturing Inc. has introduced StealthRail, a collapsible guardrail said to fold down easily on a roof's surface.

The StealthRail is finished with an ultraviolet yellow powder coat and is available in other colors and galvanized finishes. It is said to allow clean sightlines along a roof and conform to a variety of positions. The StealthRail is available in 3-, 3 1/2-, 4-, 5-, 7 1/2- and 10-foot lengths.

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