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Solar system requires no rooftop penetration

Petersen Aluminum Corp. has introduced its PAC Solar Series, a system that integrates standing-seam roof systems and photovoltaic technology.

PAC Solar Series consists of thin-film solar laminate fused to a metal panel substrate's surface. The system reportedly can be installed with no rooftop penetration or structural support and includes a complete standardized system with schematics and specifications for all electronic components.

PAC Solar Series is available on Petersen Aluminum's Snap-Clad, Redi-Roof, Tite-Loc, Tite-Loc HS and Tite-Loc Plus profiles.

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Telephone: (800) PAC-CLAD (722-2523)

Emulsions improve roof coatings

Arkema Inc. has introduced its Kynar Aquatec® emulsions, which are said to improve water-based roof coatings' durability and performance.

Field-applied protective coatings made with Kynar Aquatec reportedly apply easily to various roof substrates, including metals, plastics, wood, concrete and textiles. Kynar Aquatec-based coatings are said to be energy-efficient and low in volatile organic compounds. The emulsions reportedly resist stains, dirt and organic growth.

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Framing system reduces labor

Chicago Clamp Co. has introduced Tube Frame, a framing clamp system that reportedly allows contractors to frame roof openings and support loads from joists without welding or drilling holes.

Tube Frame is said to be easy to install, remove and relocate. Tube Frame systems include four end clamps, four T-brackets and four 2- by 4- by 1/8-inch structural tubes. The completed system reportedly has a 3,000-pound distributed load capacity and is said to reduce labor times and hazards.

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Screw thread reduces joint failure

Triangle Fastener Corp. has introduced its VRT™ Technology, a screw thread that reportedly increases back-out torque and reduces joint failure.

VRT Technology is said to increase friction as it loosens and produce more than 3 1/2 times more back-out resistance than a standard thread. VRT Technology is available as part of Triangle Fastener's BLAZER® Drill Screw line.

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Fall-protection cart features options

AES Raptor LLC has added the TriRex™ Mobile Fall Protection Cart to its safety products line.

The TriRex Mobile Fall Protection Cart is a fall-arrest system for three workers with optional fall restraint for two additional workers. The fall-protection cart comes with Flat Free Tires and offers options for a material rack, lights and a dual front brake system. TriRex Mobile Fall Protection Cart's claw design reportedly is suitable for most substrates.

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Slate installs easily

GAF-Elk has introduced its TruSlate™ Premium Roofing System, which is said to cost less and be easier to install than traditional slate roof systems.

TruSlate Premium Roofing System features a natural slate product that reportedly will not fade or curl and can be 50 percent lighter than a traditional slate roof installation. The system includes slate for field and hip and ridge installation, as well as the TruGrip™ Batten and Hangar System, UnderBlock UV & Moisture Barrier, Lay-Straight Alignment tape and TruSlate Ridge Vent. TruSlate slates are 12 by 12 inches and available in various core and accent colors.

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Telephone: (800) ROOF-411 (766-3411)

Synthetic tiles use less material

DaVinci Roofscapes® has introduced its Bellaforté™ synthetic slate product line. The synthetic tiles interlock, overlap and self-locate and are available in a 12-inch slate profile.

Bellaforté tiles are said to be environmentally friendly and use one-third less material than traditional synthetic and natural slate. The tiles reportedly install easily, are lightweight and durable, and can withstand extreme conditions.

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System cures quickly

Tremco Inc. has introduced its Instant Cure Emulsion (ICE) System, which reportedly applies easily and cures in as few as four hours.

ICE Systems feature three components: ICE Adhesive, ICE Reinforcing Fabric and ICE Coating. ICE Adhesive is a sprayable, water-based asphalt emulsion. ICE Reinforcing Fabric is a high-tensile reinforcing fabric treated with a catalyst that reportedly causes a fast break of water from the system. ICE Coating is an acrylic, elastomeric roof coating that is said to be highly reflective and contain low volatile organic compounds.

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Cover board protects roofs

Firestone Building Products Co. LLC has introduced its ISOGARD™ HD high-density cover board, which is said to be lightweight and easy to cut and install.

ISOGARD HD contains a closed-cell polyisocyanurate core and is said to provide high thermal performance and resist mold and moisture. The cover board reportedly has a compressive strength of 120 pounds per square inch and protects roofs from weather and foot traffic.

Additionally, Firestone Building Products has expanded its TPO accessories line to include UltraPly™ TPO Premium Walkway Pads, which are composed of nonreinforced thermoplastic material and have a smooth bottom surface and a top surface that reportedly is slip-resistant. The walkway pads are said to weld easily to Firestone Building Products' UltraPly TPO roof membrane and help reduce damage caused by rooftop foot traffic.

Firestone Building Products also has introduced cover strips, prefabricated curb corners and flashings to its UltraPly TPO product line.

The UltraPly TPO 8" Reinforced Cover Strip reportedly can be used for intermediate mechanical attachment on TPO systems and to strip TPO RX end laps. The cover strip is pre-cut into 50-foot-long rolls and said to install quickly and reduce labor costs.

UltraPly TPO Reinforced Curb Corners are constructed of 45-mil-thick UltraPly TPO membrane and have a 6-inch flange that reportedly helps ensure adequate weld area around the curb's perimeter. The curb corners are available in six sizes.

UltraPly TPO QuickSeam 9 1/2" Flashing uses Firestone Non-Staining QuickSeam™ pressure-sensitive tape technology, which reportedly ensures consistency when attaching the product. The flashing reportedly applies easily and can be used as a cover strip for intermediate mechanical attachment on UltraPly TPO systems.

In addition, Firestone Building Products has introduced 25-foot-wide RubberGard™ EcoWhite™ EPDM membrane panels, which are said to reduce seaming requirements and increase installation efficiency.

The 25-foot-wide RubberGard Eco-White EPDM membrane panels feature splices at 10-foot intervals and are said to reduce labor and material costs. The membrane panels reportedly have a Cool Roof Rating Council® initial solar reflectance of 0.08 and a solar reflectance index of 99.

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Vent is made from recycled material

COR-A-VENT Inc. has introduced its Revolution Rolled Ridge Vent, a shingle over ridge vent made from pre-consumer recycled plastic.

Revolution Rolled Ridge Vent is 11 inches wide and 20 inches long and features ventilation channels that provide 12 square inches of net free ventilation area per lineal foot. The ridge vent is said to install easily and protect against rain, snow and insects. Revolution Rolled Ridge Vent is packaged with two coils of 1 3/4 galvanized roofing nails and peel-and-stick Revolution End Caps.

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Coatings protect substrates

Protecto Wrap Co. has introduced its line of Protecto Liner liquid coatings, which reportedly protect metals, concrete, wood, PVC, EPDM, plastics and fiberglass against moisture, corrosion, abrasion and aqueous chemicals.

The Protecto Liner liquid coatings product line features Protecto Liner 1350, a two-component industrial organic polyurethane coating that reportedly cures to form an elastomeric membrane that is impermeable to water and many aqueous alkaline or acid compositions.

The product line also features Protecto Liner 6800, a two-part component polyurethane colored top coat, and Protecto Ray Liner, a white single-component coating that is said to reduce heat transfer from solar reflectance.

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