New Ideas

Smoke vent inhibits exterior noise

The BILCO Co. has added the Type ACDSV Smoke Vent to its line of automatic smoke vents. Designed to inhibit sound transmission, the Type ACDSV Smoke Vent can be used for applications where exterior noise intrusion is undesirable, such as auditoriums, concert halls and theaters. The smoke vent reportedly has an OITC-46 sound rating based on its ability to protect against low-frequency outdoor sounds such as traffic and airplane noise. The Type ACDSV Smoke Vent also helps reduce the sound of rainfall. Mineral wool insulation and high-density sound mat material within the smoke vent’s covers and curb minimize sound transmission. The smoke vent also features heavier gauge steel in its curb and cover liner than other smoke vents, a new cover gasketing system, gas-spring lift assistance, and a center-mounted gas traction spring said to ensure reliable and controlled smoke vent operation. The Type ACDSV Smoke Vent is available in standard and custom sizes.

Wet tile saw is lightweight

DEWALT® has introduced its 10-Inch High Capacity Wet Tile Saw (D36000). The lightweight saw is designed for cutting small and large-format tiles and reportedly provides capacity for up to 37-inch rip cuts, as well as diagonal cuts on 24- by 24-inch tiles. The saw has an 18-inch cutting clearance to the left of the blade and an 8 1/2-inch crosscut capacity before the column. Weighing 91 pounds, the 10-Inch High Capacity Wet Tile Saw easily can be moved on and off job sites. In addition to a pan for water containment, the saw features a rubber-matted cutting cart said to provide consistent accuracy during rip cuts, durable aluminum framing and stainless-steel rails to withstand harsh environments, nesting pans for convenient carrying, and a strap to keep the pump in place during transit.

Snow guard has optional rods

Alpine SnowGuards® has added Fusion-Guard, a hybrid pad/pipe-style snow guard, to its rooftop snow management systems. Fusion-Guard reportedly can be installed on new or retrofit slate, synthetic slate, cedar shingle, metal and tile roof systems. The snow guard’s pad allows an installer to add two optional 3/8-inch rods during or after installation to form a hybrid snow-management system. Stiffening ribs on the front of Fusion-Guard’s pad are said to add rigidity and strength while holding the rods in place. Fusion-Guard is available in cold-rolled steel, stainless steel and red brass and comes in multiple finishes.

Roof tape has multiple uses

IKO has made available IKO GoldSeam, a multipurpose roof tape. The tape reportedly can be used as seam tape for roof decks and a sealant for critical roof joints. It also can be installed around skylights, chimneys, plumbing vents and ventilation caps. IKO GoldSeam is designed to prevent ice infiltration, water infiltration, and rodent and insect infestation. The tape is said to be ideally suited for sealing the joints of oriented strand board or plywood roof deck panels when used in conjunction with an IKO underlayment.

Underlayment is slip-resistant

Carlisle WIP® Products has introduced WIP GRIP Premium Shingle Underlayment, a flexible, 55-mil-thick, rubberized asphalt, fiberglass-reinforced membrane. The underlayment features a slip-resistant top film said to improve roofing professionals’ safety during installation. Designed to protect the roof structure and interior spaces from water intrusion, WIP GRIP Premium Shingle Underlayment can be installed on eaves, ridges, valleys, dormers and skylights, or an entire roof area. The underlayment also has an embossment that reportedly helps prevent the embedding of shingles, enabling easier tear-off.

Underlayment reduces radiant heat transfer

Covertech has added rFOIL® Reflective Insulation 2200 Series underlayment to its underlayment product offerings. Made from polyethylene bubble material layered between metalized foil and a white polyethylene sheet, the underlayment provides an added R-value of 1.1. When there is an airspace between the underlayment and a metal roof, the system reportedly has an R-value of 4. Designed to reduce radiant heat transfer through roofing materials, rFOIL Reflective Insulation 2200 Series underlayment is said to reflect up to 96% of radiant energy, reducing building energy costs. The underlayment can be taped to purlins, stapled to rafters or studs, or rolled out on a roof deck or existing shingles before metal roof system installation.


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