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Safety tape is versatile

Eternabond® has introduced its Primerless Safety Tape for marking edges, safety equipment, dangerous equipment parts and hazardous areas.

Primerless Safety Tape is a one-step permanent safety tape composed of adhesives, a blend of synthetic resins and noncuring rubbers. It features fully integrated primers and an ultraviolet-stable yellow backing. The tape reportedly will remain fused with the original surface as it expands and contracts; will remain flexible from -70 F to 250 F; and will not shrink, crack, peel or lose its grip.

Primerless Safety Tape can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including EPDM, Hypalon,® TPO, most PVC, Kynar®-coated metal, copper, granulated modified tile, as well as gutters, flashings, skylights and ductwork.

Telephone: (888) 336-2663

Multi-use product helps reduce waste

Parex® USA Inc. has launched its MicaMax 3—an all-in-one basecoat, exterior insulation finishing system adhesive and acrylic finish. MicaMax 3 reportedly eliminates the need to purchase separate materials for projects, resulting in less material and waste on job sites.

MicaMax 3 features light and dark metallic flecks to create the look of shells or stone in the finish. It can be used to laminate expanded polystyrene board to approved substrates, such as concrete, masonry and gypsum wallboard. MicaMax 3 is water-based and volatile organic compound-compliant.

Telephone: (866) 516-0061

Insulation product line is available

Duro-Last® Roofing Inc. has introduced Duro-Guard,™ a complete line of roof system insulation products. Duro-Guard includes a variety of polyisocyanurate and expanded polystyrene insulation, as well as DensDeck® roof boards.

Telephone: (800) 248-0280

Software gathers inspection data

Accurence™ Inc. has introduced its software-based solution, ScopeAssist,™ a two-step scoping solution for roofing contractors.

Roofing contractors can use the Scope-Assist application on a mobile device to gather inspection data on-site. Inspection data then is transmitted wirelessly to ScopeAssist's decision intelligence engine, which, within 90 seconds, validates inspection data, builds a model of the situation and applies rule sets based on geometry, best practices, guidelines, cost-estimating data, building codes and aerial computer-aided design data as available. It also automates the scope of repair and integrates with a third-party cost-estimating tool to generate an estimate.

Accurence has entered into a long-term preferred technology partnership agreement with 3C Network™ for broad implementation of ScopeAssist.

Telephone: (888) 528-8748

Cap nailer saves time

Duo-Fast® Construction has introduced its Cap Nailer System, Model DF175-CN, which is designed to make installing synthetic roof underlayment and organic roofing felt simple and fast.

The Cap Nailer System features an in-line design providing tool balance and a consistent drive of nails and caps with fewer jams. It also features a cap feed shut-off button for easy transition to nail-only fastening. The system uses standard 120-count roofing coil nails and DuoCaps™ collated plastic caps with 240 caps per spool.

Telephone: (888) 631-2020

Membrane is durable

Polyglass® U.S.A. Inc. has launched its CURE Technology® polymer-modified bitumen membrane. CURE Technology features infused ceramic microspheres, ultraviolet stabilizers and resins. It reportedly is long-lasting and environmentally friendly.

CURE Technology's foundation is its thin film technology, a manufacturing process that uses a minimal finishing technique resulting in a polymer-modified bitumen product with improved durability and longevity. When used to produce a granule-surfaced product, thin film technology provides improved granule adhesion to the sheet, which minimizes granular loss when exposed to foot traffic and other elements.

CURE Technology reportedly enhances and maintains overall reflectivity and emissivity. It also provides a barrier to discoloration and staining ensuring the membrane maintains color integrity and reflectivity and protects against scorching surfaces when torch applied.

Telephone: (800) 222-9782

Tool kit includes air compressor

Senco Brands Inc. has made available its PC1279 air compressor and three-tool combo kit, which includes an oil-free pancake air compressor with a 1/4-inch by 25-foot air hose, a FinishPro35 angled finish nailer, FinishPro18 brad nailer, SLS18 stapler and tool storage bag.

The 6-gallon compressor has a maximum rating of 155 pounds per square inch (psi) capable of generating up to 2.8 standard cubic feet per meter at 90 psi. It also comes with two couplers and dual gauges. The finish nailer can hold 104 fasteners and features an adjustable depth of drive, adjustable exhaust, easy-clear front latch, stretch-on comfort grip and no-mar pad to protect woodwork.

The brad nailer can hold 110 fasteners and features a rear exhaust and rear bumper to protect work finish. The stapler features a hardened steel driver for longer life, an adjustable depth of drive and rear exhaust to keep oil off woodwork.

Telephone: (800) 543-4596

Underlayment is synthetic

InterWrap® Inc. has introduced Rhino-Roof,™ a 15-pound synthetic roof underlayment intended to replace felt for use under asphalt shingles.

Compared with 15-pound felt, Rhino-Roof reportedly is 25 times stronger; has 2.3 times more coverage per roll and 17 percent more coverage per vertical lap; is easier to install with no blow-offs or tears under foot; and requires less labor to install. RhinoRoof also lays flat and does not absorb water, can be used in low temperatures without becoming stiff and is mold-resistant.

Telephone: (888) 713-7663

PV panels are easy to install

Westinghouse Solar Inc. has released its Instant Connect,™ a new line of photovoltaic (PV) panels that reportedly makes rooftop installations fast and easy. Instant Connect PV panels are plug-and-play panels that eliminate panel-to-panel wiring for residential alternating-current systems and commercial direct-current systems.

A set of Underwriters Laboratories-approved electrical connectors are integrated into the sides of each PV panel, allowing the PV panels to plug together automatically when mounted on a roof system. Each PV panel's frame, as well as splices used to connect the PV panels, reportedly provides precise alignment of the electrical connectors.

Telephone: (888) 395-2248

Mounting system adjusts to site conditions

MAGE® SOLAR has introduced its MAGE SYSTEMTEC Ground Mount, a mounting system for ground mount applications.

MAGE SYSTEMTEC Ground Mounts are made of extruded aluminum and stainless steel. The bearing and adjustable vertical posts reportedly eliminate inconsistencies and problems with footing while reducing the need for costly site surveys. Possible module inclines from 15 to 35 degrees allow the mounts to adjust to the landscape.

Telephone: (877) 311-6243

Polymer-modified bitumen guide is updated

The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) has updated its Modified Bitumen Design Guide for building owners and roofing professionals working with asphalt roof systems.

The guide addresses relevant aspects, issues and concerns with polymer-modified bitumen roof systems and their associated components, substrates, construction techniques and innovative uses. It also includes considerations for latest trends in roofing that call for roof systems to provide more than waterproofing, including solar, garden and recreational surfaces.

Topics covered in the guide include deck materials and treatment, roof system insulation, membrane installation techniques and choosing appropriate surfacing materials.

Telephone: (202) 207-0917

Monitoring tool is updated

Telvent has introduced WeatherSentry 7.4, an updated version of its weather monitoring and warning tool.

WeatherSentry 7.4 features lightning alerts, which show where lightning strikes already have occurred. It also provides a color-coded map predicting where lightning most likely will strike within the next hour.

WeatherSentry 7.4 also features regional weather events as they are reported by local emergency management organizations.

Telephone: (800) 610-0777

Spike strips deter intruders

MAXguard® has introduced MAXguard Spike Strips, which attach to the tops of fences and walls to deter construction site intruders.

MAXguard spike strips are ultraviolet- and impact-resistant and available as one or three rows of 11/2-inch-tall blunt-tipped metal spikes. The strips are 46 inches long and can be linked together and contoured to fit on top of most walls or fences, including chain-link fences. The strips' standard color is gray; however they can be painted a different color.

Telephone: (805) 969-3697

Applicators are precise

Convenience Products has added two long-barrel spray polyurethane foam applicators to its Touch 'n Seal® product line. The reusable applicators are available in 28- and 39-inch lengths and feature steel barrels, adjustable outputs to control product flow and comfort grip handles. The long-barrel applicators have adjustable output nozzles, which ensure precise and economical application.

Telephone: (800) 325-6180

PV systems are available

MBCI® has introduced two photovoltaic (PV) systems. The first is a rigid glass-based polycrystalline silicon module, which can be installed on standing-seam metal roof systems using a nonpenetrating clamp that mechanically attaches to the seam. The second system is flexible thin film, which allows a PV array to be installed as the roof panels are installed.

Telephone: (877) 713-6224

NRCA products

NRCA updates safety manual

NRCA has released The NRCA Safety Manual, Third Edition, which updates and expands The NRCA Safety Manual, Second Edition. The manual includes explanations of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Transportation regulations and provides information regarding industry practices developed and compiled to improve worker safety on roofing job sites. The manual also discusses recent OSHA changes involving crane operations, rigging equipment and fall protection and provides updated information regarding asbestos, fire safety, hazardous materials and hazardous wastes, silica, MDI, lead and noise exposures.

The NRCA Safety Manual, Third Edition is $150 for NRCA members and $295 for nonmembers. For more information and to purchase the manual, go to or contact NRCA's Customer Service Department at (866) ASK-NRCA (275-6722) or

NRCA offers business management webinars

NRCA University is offering its Business Management Webinar Series 2.0, a series of five business management webinars designed to give roofing contractors new ideas they immediately can implement into their companies to enhance their bottom lines. The webinars will begin May 30 and end June 27.

Webinar topics include thinking strategically about insurance, the ins and outs of effective drug testing, business startups, compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration record-keeping requirements, and proper pre-job planning.

Each webinar is $55 for NRCA members and $75 for nonmembers. Those who register for all five webinars before May 30 will receive the series package at a discounted price—$220 for NRCA members and $300 for nonmembers.

For more information and to purchase the webinars, visit or contact NRCA's Customer Service Department at (866) ASK-NRCA (275-6722) or


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