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Drill drivers allow high-torque applications

Bosch Power Tools has introduced the DDH181X drill and HDH181X hammer/drill drivers. The drill drivers operate on 18-volt lithium-ion batteries, weigh less than 5 pounds and are less than 9 inches in length. The drill drivers feature Active Response Technology,™ allowing high-torque applications to be handled efficiently and effectively while reducing the risk of kickback; a new auxiliary handle with 23 positions and a tongue-and-groove locking structure; and a four-pole motor with two-speed transmission and 25 clutch settings. The DDH181X can handle 700 inch-pounds of hard-torque, and the HDH181X can handle 750 inch-pounds. The drill drivers also have an electronic motor and cell protection to help prevent overheating and overloading.

In addition, Bosch Power Tools has introduced the CM8S Compound Miter Saw, CSW41 Worm Drive Saw, Bosch Mortar Knife and Bosch Industrial Sealant Knife to its tool lineup.

The CM8S Compound Miter Saw is a portable 37-pound, 8-inch single bevel sliding compound miter saw with nearly the same cutting capacity as a 10-inch miter saw. The miter saw's maximum cut capacities are 12 1/4-inch cross-cut at 0 degrees, 8-inch miter at 45 degrees, 2 3/4-inch upright base and 3 1/2 maximum crown. The miter saw includes a 48T blade, blade wrench and dust bag.

The 13.2-pound CSW41 Worm Drive Saw works in a variety of applications, including concrete form building, bridge building, framing, sheathing and deck building. The worm drive saw is compatible with the WD7RIP adjustable fence and WD7LUB worm drive saw lubricant.

The Bosch Mortar Knife is a mortar-removal tool for SDS-plus® rotary hammers. The 8-inch-long mortar knife has a Precision Plunge Tip, a design that combines a blunt point with a sharpened knife edge. The blunt tip allows the mortar knife to plunge deep while protecting brick, block and stone, and the straight edge cuts away debris without jamming, reportedly not leaving "half-moon" material in the head joint. The mortar knife is available in 1/4- and 3/8-inch widths.

The Bosch Industrial Sealant Knife is a multitool blade for caulk and sealant removal in tough masonry and industrial applications. The sealant knife's 3-inch blade can be resharpened for a longer life and has a 12-pin design to lock the blade into place securely for maximum power transmission and torque. The sealant knife design accommodates most professional multitool interfaces, including an OIS Max interface, a direct fit for the Fein® SuperCUT tool.

Telephone: (877) 267-2499

Shingles have elongated tabs

Malarkey Roofing Products Co. has introduced its first Windsor designer shingle. There are six shingle styles with 18 tab size variations to allow for easy book-style application using any order of shingles. The shingle tabs are an elongated 5 3/4 inches to allow larger coverage area, leading to faster installation and reduced material costs. The shingles feature Scotchgard™ Algae Resistant Protection; UL 2218 Class 4 Impact Resistance; rain-seal protection; and cold weather flexibility to 0 F with the use of SBS polymer-modified enhanced asphalt.

Telephone: (800) 545-1191

Counter controller stores lengths

New Tech Machinery has introduced the EZ-Counter Controller, a touch screen system for MACH II gutter machines and SSR roof panel machines to help track and save measurements. The system lets users preprogram up to 50 lengths in feet and inches, inches only and centimeters. Gutter machine miter lengths can be customized for each programmed job to reduce math errors. The system is available with two tracking options: the totalizer, similar to a car's trip odometer, and a password-protected option to calculate invoicing and more accurate material inventory. The system can be installed on machines leaving the factory or retrofitted onto machines in the field.

Telephone: (800) 574-1717

Worm drive saws are lightweight

SKIL Tools has introduced a new line of worm drive saws that reportedly are lighter than their predecessors: the SKILSAW SHD77-02, SKILSAW SHD77M-02 and SKILSAW MAG77LT. The worm drive saws feature a multifunction wrench stored on the saw foot, a Cut-Ready Depth of Cut System™ for reportedly quick and easy adjustment, and a 24-tooth carbide blade.

The 7 1/4-inch SHD77-02 Aluminum Worm Drive SKILSAW works with concrete forming and masons and is a pound lighter than the SHD77 at 14.1 pounds. It features a 51-degree bevel with zero adjustment and positive stop at 45 degrees, and a 15-amp motor with 5300 RPM.

The 7 1/4-inch SHD77M-02 Magnesium Worm Drive SKILSAW is ideal for jobs with demanding cuts and is 3 pounds lighter than the SHD77 at 12 1/2 pounds. The magnesium worm drive features a 53-degree bevel with zero adjustment and positive stop at 45 degrees, and a 15-amp motor with 5300 RPM.

The 7 1/4 inch MAG77LT is significantly lighter than the standard worm drive saw at 11.6 pounds and is ideal for framers and remodelers. The worm drive saw reportedly is known for speed and features a 53-degree bevel with zero adjustment and positive stop at 45 degrees, a 15-amp motor with 5300 RPM and an anti-snag lower guard.

Telephone: (877) 754-5999

Products help keep workers cool

Arctic Cove has introduced three new products: the Arctic Cove Cooling Bandana, Arctic Cove Cooling Towel and Arctic Cove Tripod Misting Stand.

The cooling bandana and towel are made from an advanced polyvinyl alcohol material to help workers cool down during and after physical activities. To activate, workers need to run the bandana and towel under water for one minute and soak in water again to reactivate. The cooling bandana is 33 by 6 inches and the cooling towel is 37 by 13 inches.

The 5-pound, portable tripod misting stand is made to cool down outdoor living or recreational areas near a hose hook-up. The tripod has an adjustable height, attaches to any standard garden hose and is for outdoor use with cold water only.

Telephone: (800) 776-5191

Hybrid fan fold lies flat

Duro-Last Inc. has introduced the Duro-Guard® XPS Hybrid Fan Fold, a 48- by 50-inch fan fold for deck to sky roof systems, and the EPS Flute Fill Combo Board, a custom-formed expanded polystyrene board that combines flute fill with 4- by 8-foot flat panels.

The fan fold is manufactured with an extruded polystyrene core and wrapped with facers to create a water-resistant board. The extruded polystyrene technology reportedly resists high heat and moisture, and the film facer is compatible with all Duro-Last roof membranes. The fan fold has a combination of crush and cut fold methods and is cut to allow the board to lie flat for a smooth appearance with the strength to be installed in windy applications. The fan fold is designed for mechanically attached roof systems and is specifically designed for use as a re-cover board over granulated or smooth cap sheets; smooth built-up roof systems; aggregate-surfaced built-up roofs with a maximum 3/8-inch aggregate; aged coal-tar pitch roofs; and single-ply membranes. The fan fold also is non-nutrive and does not contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), formaldehydes or volatile organic compound ozone-depleting gases.

The expanded polystyrene board is available with a factory-laminated, fire-rated fiberglass-coated mat or a polyester facer over the EPS insulation and can be used directly under Duro-Last, Duro-Tuff® or Duro-Fleece® membranes without a separator sheet. The EPS boards specifically are designed for metal building retrofit applications with mechanically attached or Duro-Bond® induction welding systems. The EPS board reportedly meets code approvals; has stable R-values; and is moisture-resistant and environmentally friendly. The EPS board does not contain CFCs, HCFCs, or formaldehydes; it contains 25 percent recycled materials and is 100 percent recyclable.

Telephone: (800) 248-0280

ASTM standards available online and on DVD

ASTM International has made its latest compilation of ASTM standards in building codes available on DVD and online. The standards contain more than 2,000 ASTM International construction specifications, practices and test methods compiled from the Annual Book of ASTM Standards to satisfy the International Code Council®'s (ICC's) international code requirements.

The standards contain the latest versions of references, including published ICC codes; National Building Code of Canada; Uniform Plumbing Code and Uniform Mechanical Code; MASTERSPEC®; BSD Speclink®; NFPA5000™; SPECTEXT® Master Guide Specifications; Green Standards: Federal Green Construction Guide for Specifiers; International Green Construction Code; Green Globes®; AWS: Standard Welding Code D1.1/D1M: 2010; UL Global Standards; and NRCA.

Telephone: (877) 909-ASTM (2786)

Composite roofing is tough and realistic

The Tapco Group has introduced its Inspire® Roofing Products' Arcella™ Shake, composite roofing materials made to look like cedar shingles. The shakes are available in four colors: aged cedar, new cedar, brown and weathered gray, each with two or three shade variations. The shakes come in a mix of 5-, 7 1/2- and 10-inch widths, and each selection is factory-sorted to deliver ready-made proportions. The shake composite is made of mineral-filled polyolefin, and the shakes reportedly do not require preservative treatments or cleaning solutions. The shakes feature cambered designs to hold snugly to the roof with locking tabs.

Telephone: (800) 971-4148

Ridge vent made with natural fibers

Blocksom & Co. has introduced the Roof Saver Rolled Ridge Vent, a sustainable, 100 percent natural fiber vent that reportedly won't deteriorate from weather. The rolled ridge vent promotes uniform ventilation, protecting roofs and shingles from excessive heat or condensation, and is said to meet or exceed all national building code requirements.

Telephone: (219) 878-4455

Intake vent allows airflow

CertainTeed has introduced the CertainTeed Intake Vent, an intake vent to supplement existing soffit or undereave vents. The intake vent can be installed on shingled roofs with or without overhangs and allows air to flow into attics to help prevent heat buildup and ice dams. The intake vent features internal baffles, a drainage system and a weather filter to provide three levels of weather protection.

Telephone: (800) 233-8990

Software systems track inventory

Dynamic Systems Inc. has introduced The Total Track™ System to help streamline the inventory management process. The system includes software, labels, scanners, and quick-start implementation and training to help contractors reduce tool loss and track inventory. The system's maintenance manager tracks services performed and due on equipment, and the inventory manager tracks materials used and prints purchase orders. The system can be integrated to QuickBooks® and other accounting programs.

Telephone: (877) 374-2289

New roof system repair tapes available

CHEM LINK Inc. has introduced a new line of roof system repair tapes featuring three types of tape: RoofSeal, a basic repair tape that adheres to all common roofing materials; WebSeal, designed to hold roof coatings and sealers; and DoubleStick, designed to be used between two surfaces, including dissimilar materials. The tapes also can be used to repair flashings, gutters, skylights, copings and ductwork. The tapes feature pressure-activated MicroSealant® Technology and a 100 percent solids formulation consisting of synthetic resins, thermoplastics and noncuring rubber. The tapes will bond to nearly all roof system types.

Telephone: (800) 826-1681

Bituminous systems line expanded

Malarkey Roofing Products has expanded its Paragon® low-slope product line with three new bituminous system roll products: the torch-grade Paragon Ultra TG Base, Paragon Ultra TG Cap and the highly reflective Paragon RCap™ SBS-polymer modified bitumen cap sheet. All the products are designed to meet the needs of a built-up roof system and absorb thermal shock and movement.

Telephone: (800) 545-1191

NRCA introduces new products

NRCA has introduced its DVD-based Roof Application Training Program: Foundations of Roofing, a program ideal for new workers who need to know the basics and existing employees seeking to reinforce their roofing knowledge. The program helps train employees in-house about roofing terminology, roof system components, company operations and roof safety.

The training program is set up in two parts: Part One is an orientation for day-to-day roofing work, and Part Two includes a review of Part One and continues with next steps for field workers. The program includes the two-part DVD program in English and Spanish; an instructors guide; student handouts and exam in English and Spanish; and "How to be an Excellent Trainer," a 15-minute module explaining effective training skills for program facilitators. The price for members is $195, and the price for nonmembers is $395.

In addition, NRCA has introduced NRCA Guidelines for Asphalt Shingle Roof Systems— 2014, a comprehensive manual that provides best industry practices and technical information concerning the design, materials and installation of asphalt shingle roof systems. The manual discusses roof decks, underlayments, asphalt shingles, condensation control and attic ventilation. The manual contains all the information from The NRCA Roofing Manual: Steep-slope Roof Systems—2013 applicable to asphalt shingle roof systems and content from the Quality Control Guidelines for the Application of Asphalt Shingle Roof Systems. The price for members is $55, and the price for nonmembers is $110.

For more information, visit or contact NRCA's Customer Service Department at (866) ASK-NRCA (275-6722) or


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