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Shingle is lightweight

Owens Corning has improved its line of Berkshire® Collection shingles. The new shingle design offers reduced weight, from 425 pounds to 360 pounds per square; 33 percent more material per pallet, which reportedly allows easier shipping; and pallets that now can be double-stacked and stored more easily.

Berkshire Collection shingles have 15-year algae-resistance protection and a wind-resistance rating of up to 110 mph.

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Membrane reduces microbial growth

Firestone Building Products Co. has introduced ReflexEON™ TPO, a TPO membrane that is said to reduce the effects of microbial growth, allowing the membrane to remain whiter and reflect heat longer. ReflexEON TPO features a polyester weft-inserted reinforcement and is suitable for fully adhered or mechanically attached roof systems.

ReflexEON TPO is heat-weldable and can be installed on new construction or complete tear-off projects, as well as over a range of low-slope substrates, including steel, structural concrete, lightweight cellular concrete, plywood, Tectum and gypsum. It is available in 100-foot lengths and 5-, 8- and 10-foot widths.

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Coating resists weather

Henry® Co. has introduced HE286, a premium white roof coating that provides weatherproofing and high solar and ultraviolet reflectivity. It also is said to demonstrate superior peel strength and longevity.

HE286 cures into a permeable roof membrane that reportedly prevents liquid infiltration while allowing moisture to vent from the underlying substrate. HE286 is said to expand and contract during weather cycles without cracking and resist ponding water.

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DVD emphasizes quality

GAF Materials Corp., with NRCA and the Indy Racing League, has introduced "Quality Wins," a DVD that highlights how superior quality standards are used by winning teams on and off the racetrack.

"Quality Wins," the third in a series of educational DVDs, shares key steps to achieve and continuously improve quality and shows how having an effective quality program can be rewarded with customer loyalty and a competitive advantage. The DVD is available in English and Spanish.

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Metal shingle resists winds

Custom-Bilt Metals has introduced the Olympian, a metal shingle that is Class A fire-resistant, lightweight and energy-efficient and has been tested to withstand hurricane-force winds. The Olympian shingle has a Kynar® 500 finish that reportedly resists fading from ultraviolet radiation and resists corrosion from pollution and marine environments.

The Olympian shingle features a panel length of 48 inches and is said to install quickly and efficiently. It features a nailing strip that reportedly eliminates the need for clips. The Olympian shingle is manufactured from 28-gauge ZINCALUME® alloy and is available in smooth or embossed styles of wood grain and stucco, as well as 12 colors.

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Drill features dual head

Mansfield™ Power Tools has introduced the Mansfield Signature Series 18V Dual Drill,™ a drill/driver set with dual 3/8-inch keyless chucks and a revolving dual-head design that is said to allow users to alternate from drilling to driving in less than two seconds.

The Mansfield Signature Series 18V Dual Drill has an 18-volt, rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery and 1,700 milliamps of power, as well as variable speeds and 20 torque settings.

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Urethane product line is extended

The Garland Co. Inc. has extended its White·Knight™ multipurpose urethane product line to include reinforced waterproofing restoration systems for metal, modified bitumen and built-up roof (BUR) systems.

White·Knight systems combine a single-component liquid urethane with Ulti·Mat, a reinforcement that is said to add tensile strength and elongation characteristics to a roof. The resulting system forms a monolithic, seamless membrane that is said to seal, weatherproof, preserve and protect properly prepared single-ply, metal, BUR or modified bitumen roofs.

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Adhesive is resistant

Soprema Inc. has introduced its MOS System, a water-based adhesive that is said to be hard and flexible. The adhesive reportedly is fire-resistant and compatible with most insulation materials and has fast setup times and no volatile organic compounds.

The MOS System has imbedded insulation, which is said to allow easy membrane removal without damaging the insulation when a roof's service life is finished. The adhesive can be mixed on a job site and applied with conventional spray equipment.

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Tape is durable

EternaBond has introduced RoofSeal PLUS, a granulated roof repair tape that is said to adhere to a variety of surfaces, including granular surfaces. RoofSeal PLUS is said to fuse easily and remain fastened as it expands and contracts.

RoofSeal PLUS reportedly resists thermal shock and will remain flexible at temperatures as low as -70 F. The product is 65 mils thick and reportedly will not shrink, crack, peel or lose its grip.

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Sealant is strong

Geocel Corp. has introduced its 2315LRF Leak Repair Fibered Roof Sealant, a brushable sealant said to apply quickly and stop roof leaks immediately. It is formulated with fibers for added strength and said to demonstrate superior adhesion to EPDM, TPO, metal, BUR, Hypalon,™ neoprene and SPF substrates.

2315LRF Leak Repair Fibered Roof Sealant can be applied during wet and icy conditions and in any temperature. The sealant is available in pints; quarts; and 1-, 3-, 5- and 55-gallon drums.

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Hose is durable

High Tech Air Connection™ has introduced its Ape Grip Air Hose System, a hose that features a single-end connection system that enables the hose to be plugged directly into a tool or air source, reportedly eliminating the need for a hose fitting or subsequent repairs.

The Ape Grip Air Hose System is said to be tough, lightweight, kink-resistant and resist all weather conditions. It is available in 30- and 50-foot lengths.

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Adhesive installs easily

Stevens Roofing Systems has introduced Stevens EP™ FastLine Adhesive by Ashland, a one-part moisture-cure urethane adhesive that is said to install quickly and easily by pouring onto a roof deck in parallel "ribbons" rather than spreading over an entire roof membrane.

Stevens EP FastLine Adhesive reportedly resists heat degradation better than traditional bonding adhesives. The adhesive, which is said to be compatible with most common roof substrates, is available in 1- and 2 1/2-gallon cans.

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