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Roofing nailer is lightweight

DEWALT has added the DW45RN Coil Roofing Nailer to its line of construction nailers. The lightweight nailer is said to be best used for installing standard asphalt shingles.

The 5.2-pound Coil Roofing Nailer reportedly features strong feed and drive mechanisms, parallel valve technology to provide dampened recoil, a composite piston ring to extend the tool's life and a window in the canister that enables workers to identify when they need to reload the nailer. At less than 10 inches in height, the nailer allows workers to nail in hard-to-reach places, and the tool's integrated latch and hinge tray can be adjusted to accommodate different nail lengths.

Telephone: (800) 4-DEWALT (433-9258)

Gutter screw guide helps drive screws

Malco Products Inc. has introduced its long-reach Gutter Screw Guide designed to securely hold and drive screws during gutter installations.

The Gutter Screw Guide reportedly can hold and drive 1/4-inch hex head screws up to 3 3/4 inches long and features a spring-loaded magnet to keep screws fully engaged in its 6-inch power drive. The power drive's hex shank is said to fit any drill or 1/4-inch impact driver, and the power drive has a 4 1/2-inch aluminum sleeve to stabilize long screws at any angle during installations.

Telephone: (320) 274-2376

CLEAN Film protects membranes

Mule-Hide Products Co. has introduced its Mule-Hide TPO with CLEAN Film, a temporary film that can be applied to a membrane surface to protect the membrane from scuffs and dirt during installation.

CLEAN Film is said to protect the membrane for up to 90 days, eliminating the need for roof cleaning once the installation is complete. The 5-foot-wide film sheets reportedly do not shift out of place; can withstand intense heat, rain, wind and ultraviolet radiation exposure without deteriorating; and can be easily removed by one crew member. The film's cool gray color reduces the glare from white TPO membranes and speeds moisture evaporation. CLEAN Film can be used during reroofing and new construction projects.

Telephone: (800) 786-1492

Shingles are pre-cut and flexible

Atlas® Roofing has introduced its Pro-Cut® High Profile Hip & Ridge shingles with a flexible design to eliminate the need for hand-bending the shingles.

The pre-cut shingles reportedly can be placed on the ridge as is, saving workers time and producing a more consistent appearance. Pro-Cut High Profile Hip & Ridge shingles are manufactured with SBS polymer-modified asphalt for increased durability and easier installation and are said to be Class A UL R4052-approved. The shingles are available in six colors and feature Scotchgard® Protector to prevent the appearance of black streaks caused by algae.

Telephone: (800) 478-0258

Asphalt roofing manual is updated

The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) has updated its technical roofing manual, Good Application Makes a Good Roof Better: A Simplified Guide for roofing professionals working with asphalt roof systems. The manual is available as an eBook and print-on-demand book.

The manual contains information about the most recent industry best practices for the installation of laminated asphalt shingles. Roofing contractors reportedly can access the electronic version of the manual while at job sites by using smartphones and tablets.

Telephone: (202) 207-0917

Silicone coating is waterproof

RM Lucas Co. has added #8400 100% Silicone Roof Coating to its line of roof system restoration products. The low-solids, single-part roof coating reportedly provides a breathable, watertight barrier that is resistant to natural weathering. It may be applied by spray or roller and is available in white.

Telephone: (773) 523-4300

Henry products restore roof systems

Henry® Co. has introduced its Henry Restoration Systems portfolio of products designed for restoring low- and steep-slope roof systems.

Developed to extend the lives of existing roof membranes, Henry Restoration Systems products reportedly eliminate the labor, expense and waste of removing a failing roof system and installing a new one. Henry liquid-applied roof systems consist of Pro-Grade® coatings, primers and sealants and are available in silicone, acrylic and aluminum to meet specific environmental and structural needs. The silicone roof restoration system is available in premium and custom colors, and all the roof systems are said to be weatherproof.

Telephone: (800) 486-1278


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