New Ideas

Solar system has fewer attachment points

GAF Energy has introduced DecoTech 2.0, a redesigned solar system featuring high-efficiency solar panels. Designed to provide a low-profile, aesthetic alternative to rack-mounted solar panels, the system integrates directly with a roof system and is part of the primary water-shedding layer. DecoTech 2.0 has fewer points of attachment and new fastener hardware said to simplify the installation process, as well as wiring improvements for durability and safety. The system’s solar panels reportedly optimize power output, and robust flashing and a black perimeter shield help reduce leaks and animal intrusion.

Slate roof system uses Velcro®

Millennium Slate LLC has introduced The Centennial System method of slate roof system installation. The system uses slate tiles with factory-applied hook and loop Velcro fastener strips on the front and rear of each tile. The tiles are applied to a roofing substrate covered with hook fasteners. The Centennial System’s launch underlayment is InsulBase RL from Carlisle Construction Materials. The Centennial System reportedly can resist winds up to 160 mph and withstand temperatures between -40 F and 250 F. Because no nails are used, hundreds of roof penetrations per square of roofing are avoided. The Centennial System weighs about 4.5 pounds per square foot and reportedly can be installed five times more quickly than traditional slate roof systems.

Secure solar systems to commercial roofs

OMG® Roofing Products has made available PowerGrip Universal 7, a rooftop attachment anchor for mounting solar racking systems to commercial roofs. Designed to reduce the need for ballast in solar racking systems, the anchor reportedly can reduce weight, material handling and labor on roofs. PowerGrip Universal 7 is said to have up to 2,051 pounds force of tensile strength, 1,581 lbf of shear strength and 2,214 lbf of compressive load strength. Made of heavy-duty cast aluminum, the anchor features a base ring secured through the roof assembly and into the structural roof deck and a waterproof cover plate to prevent water infiltration. PowerGrip Universal 7 is said to be easy to install and does not require membrane welding. The anchor also can be used for roof-mounted pipe supports, step crossovers, raceways, satellite dishes, small antennas and HVAC applications.

Concrete tiles are available in Florida

Boral® Roofing LLC has introduced a new design of Boral Saxony® 900 concrete tiles in Florida. With a lower profile and thicker mid body, each tile reportedly can be installed using less foam adhesive. The tiles’ design is said to help adhesive disperse more evenly across the tiles, providing a stronger hold to help prevent damage caused by severe wind conditions in Florida. Boral Saxony 900 concrete tiles are Class A fire-rated and available in several colors.

Glove clips are customizable

Ergodyne has added Squids® 3420 Swiveling Glove Clip Holders to its glove clip line. Designed to reduce the risk of dropped objects, each clip holder has swiveling capability said to prevent the gear and clips from getting tangled and a unique breakaway element allowing safe separation. Two strong clips securely attach gloves, keys and other items to belt loops, D-rings and clothing. Squids 3420 Swiveling Glove Clip Holders are available in black, blue, granite, lime, orange and red and can be customized with company logos and safety slogans.

Cover board can enhance fire rating

Atlas® Roofing Corp. has added ACFoam®-HD CoverBoard-FR to its line of ACFoam polyisocyanurate insulation roofing products. The cover board is made from Atlas Roofing’s ACFoam closed-cell polyisocyanurate foam core integrally bonded to inorganic ACFoam-III-coated glass facers. Designed as a lightweight cover board option, ACFoam-HD CoverBoard-FR can meet UL Class A fire rating requirements using one layer for mechanically fastened or fully adhered EPDM, PVC and TPO membranes. ACFoam-HD CoverBoard-FR is available in 0.625-inch-thick 4- by 4-foot panels and 0.625-inch-thick 4- by 8-foot panels.

Radio has a roll cage

DEWALT® has made available its 12V/20V MAX Jobsite Bluetooth® Radio (DCR028). Weighing 8.25 pounds (without a battery), the radio is lightweight and portable. The AM/FM radio has six FM memory presets, a 3.5 mm auxiliary input to connect a mobile device and Bluetooth wireless streaming with a maximum range of 100 feet. The 12V/20V MAX Jobsite Bluetooth Radio reportedly has a premium quad speaker design with dual 3.5-inch woofers, dual 1-inch tweeters and a bass reflex port. A roll cage helps protect the radio from drops and bumps and incorporates an antenna slot to fit the antenna within the top handle. The 12V/20V MAX Jobsite Bluetooth Radio is compatible with all DEWALT 12V MAX, 20V MAX and FLEXVOLT® batteries.

Saw has push-button activation

Milwaukee Tool has introduced its MX FUEL 14” Cut-Off Saw. The saw features push-button activation enabling users to start the tool in seconds and eliminating the repetitive motion of pull starts. The MX FUEL 14” Cut-Off Saw reportedly has the same cut speed as a 2-cycle gas saw and a full 14-inch blade capacity for more cutting in a single pass. With up to 50% less noise and reduced vibration said to enable smoother cuts, the battery-powered saw is safe for indoor and outdoor use.

Membrane applies without heat

IKO® has made available its ArmourStick HD® flame-free commercial membrane roof system. Designed to meet the needs of building sites where an open flame should be avoided, the ArmourStick HD membrane system reportedly is suitable for a range of commercial applications. The system consists of ArmourStick HD-Base, ArmourStick HD-Cap and other components such as insulation and adhesive for specific applications. The base sheet’s silicone-treated release film is said to speed up installation, and the base and cap sheets have a 3 1/2-inch side lap, enabling immediate sealing of the membrane. The ArmourStick HD membrane system is constructed of a nonwoven reinforced composite mat strengthened with glass fiber strands and coated with SBS-blended polymers and asphalt. The material reinforcement is said to provide dimensional stability and improve elongation and puncture resistance.


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