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Shingle offers options

TAMKO® Building Products Inc. has added options to its line of Lamarite® Slate Composite Shingles. Scalloped and diamond shapes now are available for 12-inch-wide shingles in four colors, including slate green, dusk grey, mulberry and midnight black.

The composite shingles are said to feature a realistic slate look.

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Fall-protection system is mobile

Architectural Exterior Services LLC has introduced the AES Raptor,™ a line of mobile fall-protection products featuring generators, air compressors and job boxes that are accessible without unhooking from the system. Four models of the AES Raptor are available.

The AES Raptor R1000 features a 9,700-kW generator and 24- by 24- by 48-inch job box; the AES Raptor R2000 features a 6,000-kW generator and 24- by 24- by 48-inch job box; the AES Raptor R4000 features a 2,500-kW generator, air compressor and 24- by 24- by 48-inch job box; and the AES Raptor R5000 features two job boxes—a 24- by 24- by 48-inch job box and 24- by 24- by 32-inch job box.

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Underlayment is durable

Tarco has introduced its LeakBarrier® EasyLay™ asphalt-saturated high-performance polyester underlayment for residential roofing applications. LeakBarrier EasyLay uses DuraBase™ technology, a polyester-based, nonwoven reinforcement material saturated with asphalt. DuraBase is said to be moisture-resistant, durable and strong and reportedly seals around nails.

LeakBarrier EasyLay is said to look and feel like traditional felt but reportedly is stronger than felt and lies flat in all weather conditions. It is available in 4-square, 36-inch-wide rolls.

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Roof system is weather-resistant

Met-Tile Inc. has introduced its "cool roof" line that is said to have a weathertight, moisture-resistant design and offer the highest rating (Class 4) for impact resistance. The cool roof line, which has long steel panels and the appearance of tile, reportedly has a 230-mph-plus wind rating.

The Met-Tile cool roof line features a solar-reflective coating system, which is available in 10 colors.

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Safety system accesses information

DBI-SALA has introduced its iSafe™ Intelligent Safety System, which equips DBI-SALA's fall-protection equipment with Radio Frequency Identification, a wireless data-collection technology.

The iSafe Intelligent Safety System reportedly allows companies to access and record information about inspections, inventory and purchase information; track equipment assignments by worker or location; and download or view equipment user manuals, inspection criteria and safety regulations. iSafe will be incorporated on all DBI-SALA fall-protection equipment by the end of 2006, and a retrofit kit is available to incorporate iSafe on existing equipment.

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Hitch distributes weight evenly

Valley Industries has introduced its round bar weight-distributing hitch for towing heavy-duty loads. The hitch reportedly is rated for up to 1,700 pounds tongue weight and 15,000 pounds gross trailer weight. It is said to evenly distribute weight across the length of a vehicle and trailer, creating a level ride for increased control, stability and braking; less strain on the vehicle; and increased towing capacity.

The hitch fits 2 1/2-inch receivers and allows 8 inches of total height adjustment with a 5 5/8-inch rise and 2 3/8-inch drop. The shank measures 10 inches in length, and the distance from the ball to the pin hole is 12 3/4 inches.

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DVD demonstrates steep-slope application

Elk Premium Building Products Inc. has made available a steep-slope roofing application DVD in English and Spanish with an accompanying test workbook in English and Spanish.

The DVD provides an overview of steep-slope applications, including underlayment, flashing and asphalt shingle applications. The DVD also demonstrates Elk Premium Building Products' new Prestique® Grandé™ hybrid shingle application.

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Roof deck protection prevents moisture

GAF Materials Corp. has introduced Deck-Armor™ roof deck protection that is said to protect against moisture on a roof deck and allow moisture from inside an attic to escape.

Deck-Armor provides a layer of waterproofing protection between shingles and roof decks, which reportedly prevents wind-driven rain from infiltrating shingles. The slip-resistant product is said to provide longer-lasting leak protection than conventional felts and will not wrinkle or buckle.

The 10-square rolls are 54 inches wide and weigh 26 pounds.

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Seamer is efficient

Knudson Manufacturing Inc. has introduced the US-9, a roll-forming seamer with changeable roller sets that is compatible with all roof panel machines. The US-9 can create single- or double-lock standing seams with a single pass.

The US-9 incorporates a 1/2-inch head width for architectural panels and 3/4-inch head width for structural panels. It has a maximum capacity for 22-gauge steel on single-lock seams and 24-gauge steel on double-lock seams.

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Warning-line system is permanent

BlueWater Manufacturing has introduced Perma-Line, a permanent warning-line system for roof edge fall protection. It is said to be highly visible, nonpenetrating and easy to install, requiring no mechanical roof attachments.

Perma-Line installs by sliding stanchions into bases and stringing warning-line cable with galvanized metal flags through stanchion connections. When installed, stanchions stand 39 inches high.

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