New Ideas

Headset is compatible with hard hats has added the MT-200 High-Noise Two-Way Behind-Head Headset to its communication products. Designed to deliver a speaker’s voice clearly into a user’s ears on a loud job site, the MT-200 headset reportedly has a noise reduction rating of 14. Featuring a behind-the-head strap and full around-the-ear seals, the headset is adjustable and compatible with hard hats. The headset’s sleek profile and lightweight earpads make the device comfortable to wear during extended periods of time.

Job-site radios are durable

Bosch Power Tools has introduced two new iterations of its job-site radio: GPB18V-5C and GPB18V-2C. Designed to be durable and portable, the radios have several ways to connect and listen to music, including Bluetooth® 5.0 to access music streaming services or stored songs via mobile device. With USB charging capability, mobile devices connected to a radio will always stay charged. The GPB18V-5C features four 120-volt AC power outlets to power lights, tools and electronics; a protective aluminum and rubber roll cage; digital media bay; and separate bass and treble controls for personalized sound. The GPB18V-2C is a compact radio featuring handles and a hanging hook for portability; integrated Bluetooth speakerphone function for hands-free calls; and high-performance speakers with enhanced bass response.

Roof hatches resist high winds

The BILCO Co. has added 36- by 36-inch (Type E), 48- by 48-inch (Type F) and 30- by 96-inch (Type L) standard size roof hatches to its line of specialty access products approved to withstand severe weather conditions. The roof hatches reportedly are approved for hurricane and wind resistance by the Miami-Dade County Building Code Compliance Office and Florida Building Commission. The roof hatches specifically are designed and tested to withstand high hurricane winds, wind-driven rain and wind-borne debris. The new sizes offer more options for architects who are specifying roof hatches for projects in hurricane zones.

Circular saw has rafter hook

DEWALT® has made available its 12V MAX 5 3/8-inch Circular Saw, part of the DEWALT XTREME™ Sub-Compact Series. The saw reportedly delivers powerful and accurate cutting performance across a range of materials. The blade size allows for a maximum 1 3/4-inch depth of cut at a 90-degree angle and a maximum 1 1/4-inch depth of cut at a 45-degree angle. Lightweight and compact, the saw features an electric brake that quickly stops the blade after the trigger is released and an LED light to enhance cutting accuracy. The saw helps minimize dust during cutting, and a built-in rafter hook enables convenient job-site storage.

Solar calculator for metal roof systems

S-5! has introduced the S-5! Solar Calculator. Designed with software developer PVComplete, the web-based solar calculator enables users to create sophisticated solar project layouts for standing-seam and exposed-fastener metal roof systems. Users can enter project data into the solar calculator, including metal roof type and manufacturer, roof measurements, module size, module manufacturer and seam spacing. Based on a project’s location, the solar calculator reportedly can compute applicable forces, and the tool also uses Google maps to assist with rooftop placement of modules. The solar calculator provides module spacing recommendations to align standing seams with the module manufacturer’s mounting zones, as well as an energy output summary detailing how much energy the array will produce, a timeframe to achieve a return on investment, a bill of materials and a full report available for an authority having jurisdiction. Completed solar designs can be exported as PDFs to share with colleagues or clients.

Enhance your vegetative roof system

SOPREMA® Inc. has added SOPRAFILTER and SOPRADRAIN™ ECOVENT to its SOPRANATURE® line of vegetative roof system products. SOPRAFILTER is a fabric made of nonwoven needle-punched polypropylene and polyester fibers used as filter cloth or separation sheets in protected membrane roof systems and SOPRANATURE roof systems, roof gardens and plaza decks. SOPRADRAIN ECOVENT is a geometric-patterned core drainage mat said to eliminate hydrostatic pressure on vegetative roof systems, foundation walls, retaining walls and plaza decks while providing a protection fabric for the waterproof membrane. Compatible with all SOPREMA commercial roofing and waterproofing products, SOPRANATURE vegetative roof system products help create total building envelope systems that reportedly reduce stormwater runoff, improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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