New Ideas

Underlayment adheres in cold temperatures

GCP has enhanced some features of its GRACE SELECT™ self-adhering roof underlayment. Made of rubberized asphalt adhesive laminated to slip-resistant film, the lightweight underlayment reportedly installs faster and easier than similar underlayments. GRACE SELECT now adheres better in cold temperatures; has a stronger film said to exceed tensile and tear requirements; and resists ultraviolet exposure for up to 90 days. The underlayment also self-seals around nails, has a paper release liner for installation and has a film surface for improved foot traction without loose granules. GRACE SELECT is available in black and gray.

Impact wrench has work light

DEWALT® has introduced its DEWALT 20V MAX XR® 1/2 Inch High Torque Impact Wrench with Hog Ring Anvil (DCF900). Said to have 47% more torque, the impact wrench delivers 1,030 foot-pounds of maximum fastening torque and 1,400 foot-pounds of maximum breakaway torque. The impact wrench features PRECISION WRENCH™ mode designed to help prevent overtightening in forward and run-off in reverse, four-mode speed settings and a variable speed trigger said to enable a user to apply the desired amount of speed for a variety of applications. An on-tool LED work light with adjustable brightness level allows a user to illuminate dimly lit workspaces. The impact wrench also features new BATTERYGUARD™ technology, a shock-absorbing battery-to-tool connection said to reduce wear and tear on the battery during work.

Knee pads have adjustable straps

Brass Knuckle® has made available BKKN100 Light-Duty and BKKN200 Heavy-Duty knee pads. BKKN100 Light-Duty is a cushioned, ethylene-vinyl acetate knee pad. One size fits all for convenience, and a single strap with hook-and-loop closure customizes the fit to keep the knee pad comfortably in place. BKKN200 Heavy-Duty provides all-day protection with a hard, contoured polyethylene cap. The knee pad conforms to the shape of the kneecap to enhance patella stability and reduce risks of impact and injury. The rounded, abrasion-resistant cap reportedly allows users to pivot safely while foam padding throughout maximizes user comfort. BKKN200 Heavy-Duty is one-size-fits-all with an adjustable strap to keep the pad in place.

Restoration system extends roof life

Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance has introduced its AlphaGrade™ Restoration System for gravel-surfaced built-up roof systems. The bio-based, liquid-applied system restores aging built-up roof systems with multiple layers of waterproofing protection, reportedly eliminating the need for roof replacement. After repairs are made and debris is removed, three layers of waterproofing protection are applied: AlphaGrade, a leveling coat that secures remaining gravel in place; AlphaGrade Base Coat; and AlphaGrade Top Coat. AlphaGrade Top Coat is highly reflective, which can help reduce energy costs, and can be restored repeatedly as needed. Because all the layers are liquid, installation requires fewer materials and equipment than roof system replacement. There is little disruption to building occupants and no odor during installation.

Backpack can hold a hard hat

Ergodyne has made available its Arsenal 5188 Work Gear Jobsite Backpack. The backpack is said to easily transport and store work gear on and off a worksite, including hard hats, fall-protection equipment and safety vests. Made with 600D ripstop polyester and 200D nylon lining, the backpack is durable with padded shoulder straps for user comfort when transporting heavy gear. Heavy-duty zippers secure contents inside, and two exterior pockets provide additional storage for smaller gear, such as eyewear, and personal items. A water bottle pocket fits most bottle sizes. A hard hat pocket with adjustable straps secures a hard hat or helmet in place without taking up space inside the backpack.


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