New Ideas

Rotary hammer has two battery options

Hilti has added the Hilti Cordless rotary hammer (TE 6-A36-AVR) to its line of 36 V cordless tools. Featuring Hilti Active Vibration Reduction technology, a D-grip for comfort and a chiseling feature for light-duty corrective chipping, the Hilti Cordless rotary hammer reportedly can be used on steel, wood and plastic. The hammer is compatible with two battery types: The Hilti B36/5.2 CPC Li-Ion industry class battery provides a longer runtime, and the B36/2.6 Li-Ion compact class battery is a lightweight option for operators completing overhead work. An optional TE 6-A dust-removal system can be added for virtually dust-free operation. The Hilti Cordless rotary hammer delivers 1 1/2 foot-pounds of single impact energy and a gear speed of 1,040 revolutions per minute to enable drilling and hammering in concrete or masonry.

Roof coatings shield commercial roof systems

Duro-Last® Inc. has introduced its Duro-Shield® line of roof coatings and materials. Designed to enhance the performance of commercial roof systems, the Duro-Shield 20, Duro-Shield 10 and Duro-Shield 5 roof coatings are 100 percent elastomeric acrylic with reflective white finishes. Duro-Shield 20 reportedly offers protection and enhancement with 35 mils of coverage when dry; Duro-Shield 10 offers 24 mils of coverage when dry; and Duro-Shield 5 offers 20 mils of coverage when dry. Additional Duro-Shield products include Duro-Shield Primer, Duro-Shield Brush Grade Mastic and Polyester Reinforcement Fabric.

Measuring tool saves time

Just-Bend has introduced its Just-Bend brake accessory tool designed to make the process of bending flashing more efficient. The tool fits Tapco and Van Mark brakes and reportedly helps users bend flashing 35 percent faster. The Just-Bend brake accessory tool does not require pencil marks or slit cuts during measurement, eliminating the need to erase marks before installation.

Screwdrivers can attach to lanyards

Milwaukee Tool has launched its line of Cushion Grip Screwdrivers. The screwdrivers feature durable tri-material cushion grip handles with an anti-peel design to ensure the grips will not fall off. New-to-world tactile identification is said to enable users to feel for and select the proper screwdriver without looking. The screwdrivers also feature wrench-ready bolsters for increased leverage and control and knurled shanks to provide a better gripping surface for rotating the shank. The screwdrivers' custom-machined tips reportedly prevent cam-out, and each screwdriver also has a lanyard hole for attachment to lanyards or peg hooks.

Connector anchors in multiple orientations

3M™ has introduced its DBI-SALA® Comfort Grip Connector designed to protect workers at heights while enabling users to anchor comfortably in multiple orientations. The connector reportedly provides a 5,000-pound tensile strength and features a hand guard to protect a user's knuckles during connection. When the connector is attached vertically, a hand-pin guard shears in the event of a fall to allow the connector to align with the direction of the fall and remain securely anchored.

Strainer dome improves water flow

OMG® Roofing Products has introduced its Vortex Breaker Strainer Dome designed for retrofitting OMG Olyflow Hercules Drains. The strainer dome is said to help improve water flow from the roof. When upgraded with the Vortex Breaker Strainer Dome, Hercules Drains reportedly offer up to 2 1/2 times greater flow capacity than Hercules Drains without vortex breaker technology. The integrated technology reduces the chugging effect caused by a vortex collapse. Made of heavy-duty cast aluminum with a safety yellow powder coat, the Vortex Breaker Strainer Dome is rust-resistant and easily visible. The domes are compatible with all 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-inch OMG Hercules and OMG Aluminum Classic drains.

Illuminate dark workspaces

PORTER-CABLE® has introduced its 20V MAX Corded/Cordless LED Task Light (PCCL500B), an extension of the PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX System. The task light reportedly can illuminate dark workspaces with up to 1,900 lumens to keep projects going in the dark. Additional features include extended runtime when used with a PORTER-CABLE 4.0Ah battery; adjustable brightness; corded and cordless power options; and 1/4-inch diameter screw thread for tripod mounting.

View potential house alterations online

DaVinci Roofscapes has made available its Top Down Color™ visualizer. The online tool enables homeowners, builders, remodelers, contractors and architects to quickly see how the exterior of a house can be changed. Users reportedly can select a pre-loaded house style or upload a picture of a specific house and view how different DaVinci Roofscapes synthetic shake or slate roof systems and other products would look on the house.


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