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Technology tests PV modules

Atlas® Material Testing Technology LLC has introduced XR360, a technology for accelerated exposure testing of complete photovoltaic (PV) modules.

XR360 succeeds the company's XR260 and reportedly integrates recent developments in environmental chamber and xenon solar simulation technology. The technology consists of a chamber equipped with four water-cooled, high-performance, long-arc lamps and features full climatic functionality and an expanded utility designed to run International Electrotechnical Commission tests not requiring light. It is capable of testing PV modules as large as 1.9 by 1.4 m.

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System is watertight

Carlisle SynTec Inc., Carlisle Coatings and Waterproofing Inc. and Insulfoam LLC have introduced NVELOP™ Building Envelope Solutions, a six-sided building envelope shell that consists of the divisions' compatible product lines.

NVELOP reportedly is watertight, protects against severe weathering conditions and increases energy efficiency.

In addition, Carlisle SynTec has introduced its Vegetated Sedum Tiles for vegetative roof system installations; the tiles reportedly provide immediate rooftop plant coverage.

Vegetated Sedum Tiles are said to install easily and eliminate the need for landscaping contractors. The tiles reportedly require less water and maintenance than traditional vegetative roof systems and are available in All Season Mix, Tuff Stuff Mix, Shade Mix and Color Max Mix.

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Deck system is durable

The Garland Co. Inc.® has introduced its Dura-Walk® plaza deck system, a line of elastomeric covering products for roofing areas that can be used for walkways, decking or vehicular traffic.

The product line features two-component, liquid-applied waterproofing membranes and various support products for specific roofing conditions. The system's elastomeric top layer is available in several colors. Dura-Walk surfaces reportedly are durable and resist ultraviolet light, ozone, chemicals and temperature variations.

The Dura-Walk plaza deck system is available in three options: Dura-Walk Vehicular System, which can be used for parking garages, rooftop parking and mechanical rooms; Dura-Walk Covered Waterproofing, which can be used for horizontal or vertical between-slab waterproofing or under-paver systems; and Dura-Walk Pedestrian System, which can be used for patios, elevated sidewalks, roof decks or stadium decks.

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Garments repel water

Ergodyne has added a thermal-weight jacket (model 6465) and thermal-weight vest (model 6463) to its CORE Performance Work Wear™ line. The garments are said to repel water and provide wearers with a breathable first layer of defense against cold and wind.

The jacket and vest feature coatings, linings and nylon outer shells. The garments also feature reflective accents, multiple pockets, drawstring waists and adjustable cuffs, as well as Armortex® reinforcement zones on the shoulders and elbows. They are available in sizes ranging from medium to 3XL.

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Device retains snow

SnoBlox-Snojax has introduced SlateGuard, a pre-assembled snow-retention device consisting of the company's SnoBlox Deuce snow guard attached to its 18-gauge stainless-steel StrapGuard.

SlateGuard reportedly can be used with retrofit or new construction applications involving slate, metal shingle, asphalt shingle and composite tile roof systems. The snow-retention device is available in clear, brown, red, green, white, light gray, dark gray, black and blue.

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Tool calculates energy savings

MonierLifetile® has introduced its Energy Efficient Roof Calculator, an interactive online energy-efficiency calculator designed for use by homeowners and the building community.

The Energy Efficient Roof Calculator reportedly measures energy savings that can be achieved using ventilated concrete roof tiles rather than traditional asphalt shingles. Potential energy savings are based on a user's region and product choice, and the tool's calculations consider an average single-family home and allow for variable factors such as climate zone, heating source, local tariffs and concrete tile style.

The calculator can be accessed by clicking on the Energy Efficient Roof Calculator link in the Energy Efficient Roof System section of the company's Web site.

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Mats melt snow

HeatTrak LLC has introduced a line of heated walkways and stair mats that can be placed on existing outdoor surfaces, including roofs. The walkways and mats reportedly melt snow at a rate of 2 inches per hour in temperatures as low as 0 F.

HeatTrak's heated walkways and stair mats are available in various standard dimensions and are made of natural rubber that reportedly is durable and can be left outside for an entire winter season. The walkways and stair mats feature a continuous V-chevron pattern on their surfaces for traction and grommet holes embedded in each corner to secure them. The 1/2-inch-thick mats are available with 120 or 240 volts.

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Tiles with color blends are available

DaVinci Roofscapes® has introduced DaVinci VariBlend,™ an inline color process available for the company's Bellaforté,® Valoré Shake™ and Valoré Slate™ product lines. DaVinci VariBlend tiles include slight variations of gray, green and brown and are said to provide subtle color blends.

The Bellaforté product line's VariBlends are available in verde, which features varying green hues, and villa, which features multiple gray hues and reportedly looks like slate. The 12-inch-wide Valoré products are available in VariBlend verde and villa. The 9-inch-wide Valoré Shake roofing tiles are available in VariBlend Tuscano, espresso, Abruzzo and Verona.

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Waterproofing system absorbs movement

OCM Inc. has introduced its Turbo-Seal P Waterproofing System, a permanent waterproofing solution that can be used with new construction and repair applications.

Turbo-Seal P Waterproofing System is a flexible gel that reportedly bonds to any surface and creates an impervious waterproofing membrane. The waterproofing system consists of an elastomeric polymer rubber—which is composed of more than 25 percent post-consumer recycled content—combined with adhesives.

The waterproofing system reportedly absorbs movement, minimizes damage and separation, and resists temperature fluctuations. The product reportedly requires no mixing of chemicals and is easily cold-applied using a rotor/stator pump and trowel or by injecting it directly into the positive side of a substrate. It reportedly adheres to wet substrates and can be used with inverted roof membrane assemblies and vegetative roof systems.

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Foam dispensing system is portable

Convenience Products has introduced its Touch 'n Seal® CPDS™ 1000 Constant Pressure Dispensing System (CDPS 1000), a self-contained, portable, constant-pressure spray foam system that is said to dispense Class I fire-retardant, thermal insulating and sound-attenuating two-component spray polyurethane foam (SPF) faster than foam kits.

When empty, the 24- by 33-inch CDPS 1000 weighs 155 pounds. The dispensing system is designed for use in residential and commercial sealing and insulating applications and reportedly applies SPF to horizontal or vertical surfaces. Heated and unheated hoses are available in lengths up to 150 feet.

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Booklet discusses cool roof technologies

Insulating Coatings Corp. has introduced White is Green/Making Sense of Cool Roofing, a 20-page booklet that discusses cool roof technologies, including new codes and expectations stemming from increased environmental awareness.

The booklet presents data from federal government agencies and scientific organizations regarding roofing materials' solar reflectance, carbon dioxide offsets and heat-island reduction. The booklet also features case histories of reflective roofing projects performed by Insulating Coatings in various locations.

The booklet is free and available at the company's Web site.

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Fasteners resist pullout

OMG Inc. has introduced its Polymer GypTec Fastener, a glass-filled nylon auger with a 1-inch head that features a wide buttress thread design that reportedly provides maximum pullout resistance.

Polymer GypTec Fasteners are used with 3-inch steel plates for insulation attachment and 2-inch steel plates for membrane attachment. Tabs on the fasteners' shanks reportedly lock the plate to the head for improved performance. The fasteners are available in lengths ranging from 2 1/2 to 12 inches.

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Roof system is watertight

Duro-Last® Roofing Inc. has added the Vinyl Rib roof system to its Duro-Last Designer Series product line; the system is said to be durable and watertight.

The Vinyl Rib roof system consists of separate vinyl ribs attached to Duro-Last Roofing's single-ply membrane. The system's membrane sections are fully adhered to a roof deck, and the ribs are heat-welded to the membrane, reportedly providing a secure, permanent installation.

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