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Saw bevels 48 degrees

Milwaukee Tool has introduced its M18™ FUEL™ 7 1/4-inch Dual Bevel Sliding Miter Saw. Weighing 28 pounds and featuring integrated side and top carry handles, the saw reportedly enables easy transportation around a job site. The saw is cordless, eliminating the need to work near power outlets, and can bevel 48 degrees to the left and right, enabling users to quickly make angled cuts. Additional features include an adjustable stainless-steel detent plate with 11 detent stops and a detent override, and a Shadow Cut Line Indicator for improved cutting accuracy. Designed to deliver 5,000 revolutions per minute, the M18 FUEL 7 1/4-inch Dual Bevel Sliding Miter Saw can complete more than 600 cuts in a 3 1/4-inch base board and up to 300 cuts in a 2- by 4-inch board after one charge when equipped with Milwaukee Tool's M18 REDLITHIUM™ XC 5.0 Battery Pack.

Roof coatings are highly reflective

Kemper System America Inc. has added the Roof Guardian® RG-170 and Roof Guardian RG-180 roof coating systems to its Roof Guardian Technologies product line. Roof Guardian RG-170 is an elastomer-based roof coating system that is Class A fire-rated and has a Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) rating of 109. Roof Guardian RG-180 is a fiber-reinforced elastomeric roof coating with an SRI of 108 and reportedly ideal for prolonging the service lives of metal, concrete, single-ply, polymer-modified bitumen, granular cap sheets and other approved roof surfaces. Designed to resist cracking and peeling, the highly reflective Roof Guardian roof coating systems are said to be moisture- and mildew-resistant. Formulated using an acrylic polymer base for enhanced adhesion and durability, the roof coating systems can be applied using a commercial-grade sprayer or roller and are ENERGY STAR®- and Cool Roof Rating Council-rated.

Design guide aids roof system installations

The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association has made available its Modified Bitumen Design Guide for Building Owners as an eBook, enabling roofing professionals to view it on smartphones and tablets. The guide recently was updated to reflect current roofing standards and building codes and serves as a general instructional aid for the installation of modified bitumen roof systems. The guide addresses modified bitumen roof systems and their associated components, construction techniques and innovative uses. The Modified Bitumen Design Guide for Building Owners also provides options for overburdens, such as solar, garden and recreational installations, that expand the roof system and membrane beyond their primary function of providing water resistance.

Adhesive is vapor-permeable

GCP Applied Technologies has made available PERM-A-BARRIER® Adhesive said to enable the installation of PERM-A-BARRIER self-adhering membranes at temperatures as cold as 20 F. PERM-A-BARRIER reportedly facilitates a fast-drying bond to plywood, oriented strand board, concrete masonry units and glass-faced wall boards. The adhesive's vapor-permeable formulation forms a permanently pressure-sensitive bond to the substrate.

Respirator features adjustable airflow technology

Honeywell has introduced the Honeywell North Primair PA700 Series Powered Air Purifying Respirator, a belt-mounted safety device designed to protect against airborne particulates. The lightweight respirator features user-friendly, two-button operation; a filter that installs with one twist and clicks into place; adjustable airflow technology with three air speeds; and balanced weight distribution to help prevent worker fatigue. The respirator also can be purchased with a PA700 Series bonus kit, which includes a high-efficiency blower, breathing tube, waist belt, battery and charger, and a high-capacity P100 particulate filter that reportedly provides 99.97 percent filtration.

Adhesive will not disturb building occupants

SOPREMA® Inc. has introduced its COLPLY® EF adhesive, a low-odor, single-component polymer-modified bitumen membrane adhesive formulated for SOPREMA sand-surfaced SBS polymer-modified bitumen plies. COLPLY EF reportedly can be applied without disturbing building occupants and provides additional layers of elastomeric waterproofing protection between plies upon curing. SOPREMA's prefabricated SBS polymer-modified bitumen membranes are said to provide ease of application and flexibility for installers and accommodate various application methods, including heat-welding, cold-adhering, self-adhering, mechanical fastening and applying hot asphalt. COLPLY EF adhesive is free from volatile organic compounds and designed to allow multi-ply protection for highly sensitive applications, offering a nonhazardous, flameless solution.

Asphalt shingles add dimension to roofs

TAMKO® Building Products has made available its Heritage® Designer Ridge asphalt shingles. Two layers of asphalt shingles constructed with SBS polymer-modified bitumen technology are laminated together to provide added dimension. Heritage Designer Ridge asphalt shingles reportedly are available in complementary colors to match TAMKO Building Products' Heritage and Heritage Premium laminated asphalt shingle line. Heritage Designer Ridge asphalt shingles are available in 8- and 10-inch overlaps.


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