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FAA predicts substantial growth in commercial drone use

The Federal Aviation Administration’s annual forecast report projects the number of commercial drones—or unmanned aircraft systems—in use could triple by 2023, according to

The noncommercial drone market is slowing; the FAA registered more than 900,000 owners and about 1.25 million noncommercial drones in 2018. However, the market is projected to grow to 1.39 million by 2023.

Companies are starting to explore potential applications of drones for business purposes, such as package delivery and medical services. In 2018, the FAA chose 10 cities for its UAS Integration Pilot Program, giving governments the chance to test real-world drone applications and see how they would affect airspace.

The FAA has been trying to address potential airspace issues involved with increased drone use. In 2015, the agency required owners to register their drones online to better track their use. Although registration grew more slowly in 2018, at the current rate, the number of commercial drones by the end of this year is projected to surpass the previous year’s projections for 2022.

With the commercial drone market set to continue growing, more governments likely will begin addressing new applications and permitting issues.

ASTM International committee presents award

Hardy Pierce

ASTM International’s Committee D08 on Roofing and Waterproofing has presented its William C. Cullen Award to Helene Hardy Pierce, vice president of technical services, codes and industry relations for NRCA member GAF, Parsippany, N.J.

ASTM International’s Committee D08 on Roofing and Waterproofing established the William C. Cullen Award to recognize members who demonstrate outstanding contributions and personal commitment to the field. An ASTM International member since 1984, Hardy Pierce was honored for her contributions to the committee and leadership within the roofing industry. She previously received ASTM International’s Award of Merit in 1998 and an Award of Appreciation from ASTM International’s Committee D08 on Roofing and Waterproofing in 2017. Hardy Pierce also is a member of the Construction Specifications Institute, International Institute of Building Envelope Consultants (formerly RCI Inc.) and Roofing Industry Committee on Weather Issues Inc.

Green Building Initiative® announces revised standard

The Green Building Initiative has announced the release of ANSI-GBI 01-2019: Green Globes® Assessment Protocol for Commercial Buildings, a revised green building standard approved by the American National Standards Institute.

The only green building organization to deliver a commercial buildings rating system through an ANSI-audited consensus process, the Green Building Initiative first published the Green Globes standard in 2010. Efforts to revise the standard began four years ago. ANSI approved the revised standard as a consensus document at the end of April and published it as an approved standard in the institute’s Standards Action publication May 3.

ANSI-GBI 01-2019 includes revised green building criteria regarding resilience, life-cycle cost analysis, moisture-control analysis, health and effectiveness, and other market advances. ANSI also approved a maintenance plan for the standard to ensure revisions will occur every two years to keep the standard updated with the most recent market advances.

“More than 230 public meetings were held to deliberate the latest science and research, baselines and market advancements since the last update to Green Globes,” says Vicki Worden, president and CEO of the Green Building Initiative. “There’s tremendous excitement about Green Globes contributing leading edge thought leadership to green building design, construction and operations with this revised standard.”

ANSI-GBI 01-2019, associated change proposal forms and a schedule for continuous maintenance are available at



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