Empire State Building by the numbers

The Empire State Building is a world-famous skyscraper located in New York. The building has been featured in films, such as "An Affair to Remember" and "Sleepless in Seattle," and once was the tallest building in the world.

Following are some numbers from www.cnn.com associated with the landmark.

103: The height of the Empire State Building (stories)
1,250: The height of the Empire State Building (feet)
7 million: The number of man-hours it took to build the Empire State Building
4 million: The number of people that visit the building's observatories each year
80: The distance in miles that visitors can see from the building's observatories on a clear day
34: The number of people who have jumped to their deaths from the Empire State Building
1,576: The number of steps participants must climb in the Empire State Building Run-Up annual race.
3,000: The number of workers used to construct the building
$40.9 million: The cost to construct the building (including land)
57,000: The amount (in tons) of steel used to construct the building's frame
6,514: The number of windows
73: The number of elevators, including six freight elevators
10118: The building's ZIP code; it has its own ZIP code to accommodate its 1,000 businesses and 21,000 employees.
23: The average number of times per year the Empire State Building's lightning rod is struck by lightning

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