HeartForm™ shield can be worn inside a face mask for improved comfort

Aug. 27, 2020

HeartForm SF, San Francisco, has made available HeartForm,™ a lightweight shield designed to be worn inside a face mask to improve a user’s comfort. The heart-shaped shield is said to hold the fabric of a mask a few millimeters away from the wearer’s nose and mouth to make breathing and talking easier.

Made of smooth, medical-grade polypropylene, the shield is reusable and recyclable and can be washed or sanitized between uses. HeartForm weighs 1/8 of an ounce and fits inside most paper and fabric face masks.

HeartForm can be purchased individually or in bulk. Bulk orders include a choice of color and company name and slogan branding. HeartForm SF is donating a portion of each order to nonprofit organization World Central Kitchen’s COVID-19 food relief efforts to feed victims of the pandemic across the U.S.

Additional information about HeartForm is available at heartformsf.com.