Maintenance and repair roof flashing

Offering exceptional strength and elasticity, Mule-Hide Products’ Seal-Fast Repair Hero roof flashing is an all-system, all-weather maintenance and repair product. A universal solution, the solvent-based, fiber-reinforced terpolymer sealant adheres to all roof substrates, including asphalt, polymer-modified bitumen, metal, TPO, EPDM, PVC, Kynar,® concrete, Elvaloy®/PVC, Hypalon® (CSPE) and polyisobutylene (PIB). Contact Mule-Hide Products at (800) 786-1492 or, or visit for more information.

It’s not just what you know but who you know. You need to know Dave.

What is your true value? Would you just like to know what’s out there? Do you have estimating software experience? Don’t make a career change until you speak with Dave Peterson. Dave has helped hundreds of roofing professionals obtain better jobs, get the pay they deserve, get better working conditions and move up the career ladder. If you are considering a change, contact Dave at or (800) 269-7319, or visit All information is confidential; fees are paid by the employer.

SpeedStand speeds up jobs

SpeedStand makes protecting workers from falls quick and easy. Compact, one-piece stands set up instantly and are made with a broad base that allows them to be spaced 40 feet apart. The durable welded steel stands meet OSHA requirements and have rubber-padded legs to protect the roof membrane. They’re engineered to save labor and increase production job after job. To see why SpeedStand has been the industry standard for 18 years, call (800) 460-7579 or visit

Are you considering selling your roofing, sheet metal and/or HVAC business?

Join us. With a solid financial base, available capital and an appreciation for what’s already working in your business, our group has a solid track record of creating successful alliances. We can tailor the sale to meet your needs. If you have an interest, please email All responses will be kept confidential.

Metal Deck 101 Videos released

A.C.T. Metal Deck Supply announces the release of Metal Deck 101 Videos, which give industry professionals a resource to enhance their knowledge about metal decks and metal deck accessories and addresses FAQ. The video library, in English and Spanish versions, will be housed on A.C.T. Metal Deck Supply’s website, mobile sites and YouTube channel. The videos range from product knowledge, what is and isn’t a metal deck to accessories and company history. Visit or (800) 894-7741.

Save time and labor with ADESO® Self-Adhered Technology

Complete roofs faster and safer with Polyglass’ dual-compound self-adhering membranes. ADESO Self-Adhered Technology revolutionized the polymer-modified bitumen industry by manufacturing dual-compound self-adhering membranes using a true APP or SBS formulation on the top weathering side and an aggressive self-adhering formulation on the bottom side of the reinforcement. ADESO Self-Adhered Technology integrates patented features that enhance lap sealing and allows product design with a variety of customized surfaces. To learn more, visit


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