New Ideas

Primer delivers strong adhesion

Mule-Hide Products Co. Inc. has added Multibase SB, a one-part, 100 percent acrylic-based resin primer, to its silicone roof coating system. Multibase SB is said to deliver strong adhesion and prevent asphalt bleed-through in nonponding water conditions. The primer is intended for use before application of Mule-Hide 100% Silicone Roof Coating. Multibase SB can be used on polymer-modified bitumen, built-up roofing and PVC roof surfaces; it is not intended for use on coal-tar pitch roof systems or TPO membranes. The light-yellow primer's lack of mineral fillers reportedly enhance its adhesion to a roof surface, and its thin viscosity and low surface tension allow it to completely saturate a roof surface to form a strong bond. Multibase SB is available in 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums and can be applied using airless spray equipment, a roller or a brush.

Descender can support three users

Checkmate® Lifting and Safety Ltd. has made available its Checkmate MAX 300 Descender designed to support up to three users simultaneously. The device's body, plates and pulley are made from hard anodized aluminum, and its carabiner is steel. A polyamide kernmantle rope gives the Checkmate MAX 300 Descender a maximum descent height of 656 feet. The device also features heat-dissipating fins said to remove heat buildup during descent; nonmechanical lock-off points for use during remote or direct rescue; rope friction points for operator-controlled descent; and a revolving handle for raising a user a short distance during a rescue. The Checkmate MAX 300 Descender reportedly can be used in inverted mode while attached to a user. In addition, the device is symmetrical, allowing for full use of all functions regardless of the running direction and giving each user full functionality during a multiple-user descent.

Impact wrench is compact

DEWALT® has added the TOOL CONNECT™ 20V MAX XR® 1/2" Mid-Range Impact Wrench to its line of 20V MAX tools. Weighing 3.48 pounds and measuring less than 7 inches long, the wrench is compact and reportedly achieves 2,000 RPM and 3,100 impacts per minute. The wrench also features a brushless motor, variable speed trigger, belt clip and bright LED light for illuminating dark work areas. The TOOL CONNECT system allows a user to set the wrench to automatically alternate between forward and reverse by adjusting the tool's settings in the TOOL CONNECT app, eliminating the need to manually change the tool's direction.

Padlock unlocks via fingerprint

Tapplock Corp. has introduced Tapplock one+, a battery-operated "smart" utility padlock designed to protect tools and other gear left at a job site overnight. Crafted from 7-mm reinforced stainless steel, the padlock reportedly is unbreakable and has anti-pry and anti-shimming technologies to protect against tampering. Tapplock one+ can be unlocked in three ways: A capacitive fingerprint sensor permits a user to unlock the device in less than 0.8 seconds (up to 500 fingerprints can be programmed into the padlock); the Tapplock app permits a user to unlock the device via Bluetooth; and a back-up method permits a user to unlock the device by entering long and short combinations on the power button. A user also can track and monitor the padlock's access history using the app. Tapplock one+ is said to be dust-resistant, weather-resistant and fully functional even if submerged in water.

Adhesive/primer is low-odor

Carlisle SynTec Systems has introduced CAV-GRIP III Low-VOC Adhesive/Primer, a low-odor substance designed to bond Carlisle SynTec Systems' Sure-Seal,® Sure-Tough® and Sure-White® EPDM to horizontal substrates. The product reportedly is volatile organic compounds-compliant and can be used in temperatures as cold as 25 F. CAV-GRIP III Low-VOC Adhesive/Primer can be applied using a spray gun and does not need to be stirred before application.

Concrete tiles are recyclable

Boral® Roofing LLC has added five colors to its line of concrete roof tiles available in California. Graphite, Oceana, Saddleback Blend, Sepia and Shadow Black are darker, neutral shades said to complement the natural terrain and landscape of California. Each color is available in four tile profiles, and all the tiles reportedly are Class A fire-rated. The concrete tiles are manufactured using locally sourced, natural geologic material, and they can be recycled at the end of their life cycles, reducing landfill waste.


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