New Ideas

Rotary hammer has vibration-control technology

DEWALT® has made available the 20V MAX 1 1/8-Inch SDS Plus D-Handle Rotary Hammer capable of achieving 3.0 joules and 1,165 revolutions per minute. The lightweight hammer's corded mechanism and constant speed control reportedly help deliver high-performance drilling and chipping, and its SHOCKS Active Vibration Control® technology reduces the amount of vibration a user feels. Measuring 15.89 inches long, the rotary hammer has a 20 volts maximum brushless motor and work light to illuminate dark areas. The hammer also is compatible with an enhanced onboard dust extractor. The 20V MAX 1 1/8-Inch SDS Plus D-Handle Rotary Hammer comes with two 6.0Ah batteries.

Project suite has 3D visualization tool

Renoworks Software Inc. and Geomni have introduced FastTrack, a project suite containing home visualization software, aerial imagery and measurement technology. Using images from Geomni's aerial imagery library and Renoworks Software's 3D visualization tool, FastTrack enables customers to see what different building materials, colors and finishes will look like on their homes. FastTrack reportedly also can give a roofing contractor complete measurement of a home and a full report of the materials and quantities a customer has selected.

Underlayment repels moisture

Berry Plastics Group Inc. has added TYPAR® Surround VR synthetic underlayment to its TYPAR Weather Protection System. Made from synthetic polymer designed to repel moisture, the underlayment can be used as a secondary water barrier under most roofing materials, including shingles, shakes, tile, slate and metal. TYPAR Surround VR synthetic underlayment is said to be seven times lighter and 10 times stronger than traditional 30-pound felt, reducing the amount and weight of material needed for a project. The underlayment's surface is slip-resistant to help prevent falls during installation.

Tool depicts exterior home renovation options

HOVER has introduced Design Pro, an interactive visualization tool that enables users to see exterior home renovation options. Design Pro uses computer-generated imagery to create a 3D home model that contractors and homeowners can use during the design process. Design Pro's features reportedly enable users to try different building material types and colors, create stylistic design elements and accents, and save multiple versions of a design. Design Pro is available for HOVER users on Apple and Microsoft computers and tablets.

Adhesive refill system holds 17 gallons

ICP Building Solutions Group has introduced the Polyset® CR-20® Refill System and Cart designed for large commercial roofing projects. Polyset CR-20 adhesive is a low-rise, two-component polyurethane foam adhesive designed to adhere a variety of insulation boards, cover boards and fleeceback membranes to substrates in new and reroofing applications. The 17-gallon refill and cart system reportedly provides a higher yield and lower cost per applied square compared with similar systems. Once emptied, the refillable cylinders can be returned to ICP Building Solutions Group for cleaning, refurbishing and reuse.

Drain cleaning machine reaches up to 70 feet

Emerson™ has made available RIDGID® FlexShaft™ Drain Cleaning Machines designed to quickly clean the interior of residential and commercial pipes measuring 1 1/4 to 4 inches wide and up to 70 feet long. The FlexShaft machines feature powerhouse chain knockers said to expand to the size of a pipe to quickly clean the full circumference. The chain knockers are connected to a flexible nylon-sheathed cable housed in an enclosed drum and powered by a cordless drill attached to the driveshaft. An inspection camera can remain inside a pipe during a FlexShaft cleaning, and the nylon sheath permits a user to wipe the cable as it is pulled from the line. Lightweight and compact, RIDGID FlexShaft Drain Cleaning Machines reportedly are easy to carry from a vehicle to a job site.


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