New Ideas

Circular saw is versatile

DEWALT® has added the 20V MAX XR 7 1/4-inch Circular Saw to its line of 20V MAX products. A brushless motor provides power and durability while the saw's large blade and 2 9/16-inch cut capacity is said to be ideal in a variety of professional applications, including interior and exterior trim materials, plywood, hardwoods and flooring. The 20V MAX XR 7 1/4-inch Circular Saw also features an electronic brake to stop the blade after the trigger is released, lower guard design said to reduce guard hang-ups, LED light for enhanced visibility, bevel capacity up to 57 degrees and durable high-grade aluminum base for smooth cuts.

Wrist lanyards tether tools

Gear Keeper has introduced its TL1-2007 and TL1-2008 Deluxe Wrist Lanyards. Designed to eliminate the danger of tools dropped from heights, the wrist lanyards feature nylon webbing Velcro wrist attachment straps capable of holding tools up to 5 pounds. The wrist lanyards' Quick Connect tool attachment to connect devices reportedly enables secure connection and disconnection of tools. The TL1-2007 and TL1-2008 Deluxe Wrist Lanyards also have side-release disconnect barrel locks with a 10-inch extended length. The wrist lanyards are available in safety orange.

Roof hatch enables safe rooftop access

Skyco Skylights has made available its Roof Access Hatch. The roof hatch reportedly can be self-flashed or curb-mounted and features a lightweight aluminum lid, handle that easily opens and closes, durable galvanized steel base and safety red powder-coat finish. A controlled-open gas lifting and hold open shock helps ensure workers have safe rooftop access. The Roof Access Hatch is available in standard and custom sizes.

Horizontal lifeline supports two workers

FallTech® has introduced its Kernmantle Rope Temporary Two-Person Horizontal Lifeline system designed to protect up to two workers at heights. The system features durable 1 1/16-inch Kernmantle rope with stitched thimble-eye end termination; a line tensioner said to limit overtensioning of the system and enable easy setup and tear-down; an integral energy absorber to limit fall-arrest forces; two heavy-duty pass-through anchor straps; two carabiners to provide secure connection points; and two alloy steel connection O-rings. Compatible with most horizontal lifeline stanchions, the Kernmantle Rope Temporary Two-Person Horizontal Lifeline system meets OSHA 1926.502 requirements and is available in spans of 30 and 60 feet.

Air barrier can be applied in low temperatures

SOPREMA® has introduced its SOPRASEAL® LM 204 VP liquid-applied polyether air barrier. The one-component air barrier is low-odor and vapor-permeable with a 98 percent solids content. The air barrier's hybrid STPE technology is said to provide protection against air infiltration and moisture, ease of use in low- and high-temperature applications, and tie-in compatibility. SOPRASEAL LM 204 VP has ultra-low volatile organic compounds, is moisture-curable in low-temperature applications, does not shrink and reportedly requires less wet film to achieve dry film thickness.

Canisters enable spatter application

OMG® Roofing Products has made available its OlyBond500 Canisters. The pressurized canisters contain OlyBond500 Adhesive, which can be used for securing insulation and fleece-backed membranes. OlyBond500 Canisters feature a 25-foot application hose, gun assembly, six mix tips, three 17-inch extension tubes that enable users to stand upright during application and a disposable wrench for securing the hoses to the canisters. The applicator gun includes a locking trigger said to prevent accidental adhesive discharge. The canisters are designed for use in temperatures of 40 F to 100 F with 4- by 4-foot insulation boards, do not require specialized equipment and can be used to spatter the adhesive for use with fleece-backed membranes.

Belt clip secures tablet device

RUNNUR has made available its Tablet Belt Clip. The belt clip's low-profile hip pad reportedly fits any belt or waist size, giving workers a secure place to store a tablet device while working. The Tablet Belt Clip features a mounting plate secured with VHB™ peel-and-bond adhesive that can be mounted on the back of any standard tablet case, a security cord to prevent drops when the tablet is in use, a buckle mechanism to lock the tablet in place on the hip and a Quick-Press release button to allow instant access to the tablet.

Metal panels won't slide apart

Accel Roofing Products has made available its Colonial Seam residential standing-seam metal roofing panels. Colonial Seam is a clipless panel that installs by locking a one-piece panel into a previous panel and fastening through pre-punched slots. The design reportedly allows for expansion and contraction. The fasteners are concealed by an adjacent panel, and the locking action is said to prevent panels from sliding apart. Colonial Seam panels can be installed on a solid surface with a minimum 3:12 slope. Twenty-four-gauge metallic coated steel or .032 aluminum panels are available in widths of 12 3/8 inches or 16 3/8 inches with a 1-inch seam height.

Shingles have 42-inch width

Atlas Roofing Corp. has introduced the HP42" shingle format for its StormMaster® Shake and Pinnacle® Pristine shingle lines. At 42 inches wide and 14 inches high, HP42" shingles are larger than standard shingles produced in the U.S. and reportedly install faster. HP42" shingles feature a 6-inch exposure and a 1 1/2-inch nailing area with a FASTAC® double-sealant line said to improve nailing accuracy.


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