Using certain words and phrases in the workplace may damage your professional image.

Professional pride

The roofing industry is full of professionals who generously give back to their communities.

TPOs face a changing landscape

ASTM International considers changes to its TPO standard, including product differentiation.

Education for the 21st century

NRCA is working with lawmakers to reform career and technical education federal policies.



Professional Roofing recognizes NRCA members who turned wishes into reality through philanthropy during the past year.

When you wish upon a star - NRCA members turn wishes into reality through philanthropy

You can help protect your workers by instituting a safety program that addresses threats of violence.

Violence in the workplace - Your company safety program should address threats of violence

Moser Roofing Solutions LLC, Lancaster, Pa., retrofits new metal panels on O.S.T. Trucking Co. Inc.'s Baltimore warehouse.

Big rig roofing - Moser Roofing Solutions retrofits new metal panels on O.S.T. Trucking's warehouse

Employers should strive to create thoughtful and diligent safety cultures within their companies.

Safety is a mindset - Creating a culture of safety in a company requires thought and diligence

Keep your crew and others safe on job sites by planning ahead, working to exceed safety standards, and conducting regular training and safety checks.

Staying safe  - Five safety tips every roofing contractor should know