New Ideas

Roof vents improve energy efficiency

Atlas® Roofing Corp. has made available its TruRidge® and HighPoint® Roof Ventilation intake and exhaust systems. Designed to improve energy efficiency and maintain roof performance, TruRidge and HighPoint products are manufactured with a polymer formulated to withstand severe weather. The TruRidge Exhaust Vent is available in multiple configurations and provides a net-free area of 18. The TruRidge All-Weather Exhaust Vent features a filter said to resist wind, snow, dust, rain and insect infiltration and provides a net-free area of 18. The low-profile, 5-foot TruRidge Pro Exhaust Vent can be installed using a roofing nail gun, accommodates extreme roof slopes and provides a net-free area of 12. The HighPoint Performance Ridge Exhaust Vent has a low-profile design, features an all-weather filter said to protect against rain, dust, snow and insects and provides a net-free area of 18. The HighPoint Intake provides intake ventilation to homes without soffit overhangs when installed on a roof deck above the insulation line.

Drone kit assists pilot operations

DRONE VOLT® has introduced its DV CONTROL kit, a tool developed to help pilots operate DRONE VOLT HERCULES drones. Featuring a remote control and mobile app, the kit presents all required flight information in real time on a dual screen. The DV CONTROL remote control is the ground piloting station that allows drone operation with long-range transmission and camera or thermal dual-camera control. The DV CONTROL mobile app reportedly indicates all necessary flight information, including altitude, speed, distance, voltage and real-time GPS position. A user’s flight plan can be created and monitored through the app, and aerial photogrammetry for aerial mapping and 3D modeling of buildings and terrain and rally points can be included.

Custom accessories available in several colors

Mule-Hide Products Co. Inc. has made available custom single-ply accessories for unique projects. Designed for use on unusually sized or shaped roof protrusions that will not accommodate standard accessories, the custom accessories reportedly provide a more polished appearance than can be achieved with field wrapping. Seven types of accessories are available: split and closed round boots; split and closed square tube wraps; split and closed conical boots; through-wall and overflow scuppers; curbs; one- and two-way breather vents; and sub-base and boot assemblies. Accessories for TPO membrane roof systems are available in gray, tan, white and five TPO Colorway colors—Medium Bronze, Patina Green, Rock Brown, Slate Gray and Terra Cotta. Accessories for PVC membrane roof systems are available in gray, tan and white.

Matte finishes available in gray

RHEINZINK® America Inc. has made available RHEINZINK-GRANUM® in Basalte and Skygrey matte finishes for architectural zinc roofing, façade and wall cladding products. The aesthetic of the dark gray Basalte and lighter Skygrey matte finishes is achieved by phosphating the zinc surface using environmentally responsible production technology. RHEINZINK-GRANUM’s gray tones are said to be versatile in contemporary and traditional architectural styles and pair well with wood, natural stone, plaster, glass and other building materials. The weather-resistant zinc material reportedly maintains low-maintenance, corrosion-resistant performance for several decades and is 100% recyclable.

Tool provides automatic calibration

OMG® Roofing Products has introduced its RhinoBond tool with OptiWeld Technology that provides automatic calibration on membranes up to 80 mils thick. OptiWeld Technology reportedly optimizes the energy required to generate consistent bonds with installed OMG RhinoBond Plates, eliminating the manual calibration process. An LED touch-screen interface controls the tool’s functionality. From the home screen, a user can set a preferred language, adjust the brightness of the display screen, set the sound level and desired tone, and review and adjust OptiWeld settings. The RhinoBond with OptiWeld tool also features a newly designed grip said to enhance user comfort and protection for the activation trigger, more robust electronics for improved tool reliability and a bold graphic look that differentiates the tool from RhinoBond Classic tools. The RhinoBond with OptiWeld tool can be operated up to 100 feet from a power source when used with a 12-gauge power cord.

Steel roof system cools homes

Boral® Roofing has made available its Boral Steel® Cool Roof System designed to keep homes cooler during hot weather and warmer during cold weather. Boral Steel Stone Coated Steel roofing, a lightweight roofing material weighing 1 1/2 pounds per square foot that reportedly has the structural strength of steel, is the main component. Boral MetalSeal Underlayment, Boral Elevated Batten System and a variety of hip and ridge ventilation products complete the roof system. The Boral Steel Cool Roof System also incorporates Above Sheathing Ventilation. Hot air rises, creating a natural convection effect, and is then exhausted through ventilation with continuous airflow across the roof deck, resulting in a cooler attic.

Membrane film protects against soiling

Carlisle® SynTec Systems has introduced Sure-Flex PVC and KEE HP membranes with APEEL Protective Film. APEEL Protective Film protects a membrane’s surface from scuffs and dirt accumulation during installation, eliminating the need to clean a roof upon project completion. Sure-Flex PVC and KEE HP membranes with APEEL Protective Film reportedly are ideal for reroofing, re-cover and new construction projects and can be used on an entire roof or only in areas subject to heavy soiling, such as loading areas. Durable, recyclable and easy to remove, the protective film helps reduce labor and improves aesthetics and long-term reflectivity. The film is designed to withstand intense heat and ultraviolet exposure for up to 90 days, and its gray color is said to reduce glare, dry accumulated moisture and warm the membrane.

Clamp has a reversible insert

S-5! has added the NH 1.5 clamp to its line of clamp product solutions, which allows rooftop ancillaries to be attached to standing-seam metal roof systems. The NH 1.5 clamp is part of the “N” line of clamps developed for nail strip profiles. Designed specifically for 1 1/2-inch nail strip profiles with a wider horizontal dimension, the NH 1.5 clamp features an innovative hinge and forms to the shape of a seam, preventing damage at the point of attachment while maintaining holding strength. A reversible insert allows the clamp to fit on wide and medium-width profiles. The NH 1.5 clamp is available in standard and mini sizes and reportedly is engineered for heavy, load-critical applications, such as snow retention.

Barrier blocks sneezes

Sheet Metal Supply Ltd. has made available its Shield My Sneeze barrier in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Shield My Sneeze barrier is ultraviolet-stabilized, transparent and reportedly can resist impacts and hot temperatures. The plastic barrier has high clarity to enable a user to see through the product. Shield My Sneeze barriers can be customized with a company logo in a variety of sizes for desks, counters and other areas plastic barriers may help prevent the spread of a virus. The barriers can be ordered individually or in bulk.


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