MAY 2018


National Roofing Week!

Celebrate National Roofing Week June 3-9!

Show them you care

During the ongoing workforce shortage, take time to ensure your company is an appealing employer.

Designing for hail resistance

FM Global's latest updates to its hail-resistance guidelines may affect roof system selection and design.

The fight for foreign workers

The H-2B seasonal guest worker program is vital to helping industry employers temporarily fill job openings.



Integrating mobile app use into your daily work routine can boost productivity.

On the app track - Mobile apps continue to improve professional productivity

More than 400 roofing professionals traveled to Washington, D.C., to discuss industry issues with members of Congress.

Roofing Day in D.C. 2018 -

Charles F. Evans Co. Inc., Elmira, N.Y., helps renovate Bradford County Courthouse in Pennsylvania.

Restoring Lady Liberty - Charles F. Evans helps renovate Bradford County Courthouse

You could face additional liability risks from your subcontractor’s injured employees.

A question of liability - A subcontractor's injured employees could pose additional liability risks

Familiarize yourself with preliminary design guidelines for the temporary securement of wind-damaged low-slope roof assemblies.

Short-term solutions - Follow these preliminary design guidelines to temporarily secure wind-damaged low-slope roof assemblies