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Self-retracting lifeline has internal brake

Checkmate® has made available its Atom Xtreme 6-foot self-retracting lifeline. Made of Dyneema® webbing, the self-retracting lifeline has three micro pawls that operate independently for faster lock-on and an internal slipping brake said to control the energy from a fall without an external energy absorber. The Atom Xtreme self-retracting lifeline also features an internal hot-rolled, load-bearing steel chassis that provides a structural metallic core protected by composite external protective housing. A fall indicator incorporated into the swivel rotates 360 degrees and reportedly shows whether the device has been subjected to a shock load. The self-retracting lifeline’s alloy scaffold hook supports up to 5,000 pounds and is gate-rated for 3,600 pounds. The Atom Xtreme self-retracting lifeline is available in single and dual configurations and accommodates weights up to 420 pounds.

Drill bits last longer in metal

Milwaukee® Tool has introduced its redesigned Red Helix™ Cobalt Drill Bits. Engineered for durability, the drill bits reportedly last longer in hard metal applications than black oxide drill bits. Red Helix Cobalt Drill Bits have a Variable Helix™ design with a 35-degree helix angle that varies along the flute. The drill bits also feature Quad Edge™ Tips said to decrease heat build-up and enable users to drill faster while reducing walking, and Enhanced Tapered Webs™ strengthen the drill bits’ cores to increase overall flute durability. The drill bits can be used for hard metal, PVC and wood applications and are available in sets and sizes from 1/16 to 1/2 of an inch.

Low-rise adhesive has low odor

Mule-Hide Products Co. Inc. has introduced Helix® Max Low-Rise Adhesive, a low-odor, two-component polyurethane foam adhesive designed to bond roof insulation, thermal barriers, cover boards and fleece-back single-ply membranes to roof substrates. The adhesive reportedly offers greater elongation and tensile strength than Helix Low-Rise Adhesive, as well as the ability to be applied in temperatures as cold as 26 F. Both components of Helix Max Low-Rise Adhesive are ready to use from the container and are applied simultaneously in a 1:1 ratio. The adhesive’s enhanced wind-uplift resistance reportedly enables application on tall buildings and in higher wind zones. In addition to a 5-gallon jug set, Helix Max Low-Rise Adhesive is available in twin-pack cartridges, tanks, and 15- and 50-gallon drums.

Solar module system is shatterproof

Sunflare has added the LiteMount solar module system to its solar energy offerings. Designed as an alternative to traditional silicon solar racks on metal roof systems, the LiteMount system has a series of solar modules that reportedly weigh less than 1 pound per square foot. The modules are rated to handle a wind load up to 42 psf and a snow load up to 33 psf. Because the modules have no glass coating, they are shatterproof, and the modules’ lightweight composition enables easier installation. The LiteMount system modules also have bypass diodes at every cell, which reportedly allow the panels to stay active in any level of sunlight except full shade. The LiteMount solar module system is said to be UL-certified.

Work boot resists slips

Georgia Boot has made available its Georgia Giant Waterproof Work Boot. Made of black full-grain leather and durable Goodyear® welt construction, the work boot features an oil- and slip-resistant polyurethane outsole, mesh-covered cushioned insole and steel shank for arch support. The work boot’s Georgia Waterproof system reportedly keeps feet dry in wet conditions.

Storage containers latch together

DEWALT® has added ToughCase®+ Accessory Storage Sets to its accessory storage product offerings. Four container sizes are available: the Small Bulk Storage Container, Small ToughCase+ Container, Medium ToughCase+ Container and Large ToughCase+ Container. ToughCase+ Containers feature bit bar positions said to permit easy bit removal and a latch system that enables a user to connect the containers. The Small Bulk Storage Container can be used to organize loose materials and fits inside each of the ToughCase+ containers. All ToughCase+ Accessory Storage Set units have clear lids for easy identification of contents.


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