New Ideas

Safety glasses look sporty

Brass Knuckle® has added Slingshot™ (BKFLEX-4050AFP) safety glasses to its eye-protection offerings. Designed to be sporty and stylish, the glasses feature BK-Anti-Fog+ technology fused directly to the lenses for long-lasting fog protection. Slingshot glasses also provide ultraviolet protection and are said to eliminate most damaging UV rays. Green frames support earpieces that fit snugly without squeezing a user’s temples. Thick, molded nosepieces reportedly add comfort, and the glasses are lightweight to stay in place and help prevent nose divots.

Sealant withstands temperature fluctuations

Bitec Inc. has introduced ElastoPav,™ a one-component roof flashings sealant. The sealant reportedly cures quickly, adheres to most surfaces and can withstand temperatures of -40 F to 200 F. Primarily used for rooftop preparation for pitch pans and pipe penetrations, ElastoPav also can be used for roof system repairs and sealing around chimneys, gutters and edges. The lightweight sealant uses hybrid polymer technology to provide a durable, water-resistant seal. ElastoPav can be applied to damp surfaces and cures quickly, reaching optimum strength within seven to 14 days. The sealant has a low odor, is environmentally friendly and reportedly does not become dry or brittle. ElastoPav adheres to aluminum, coated metal, glass, wood, SBS polymer-modified bitumen, stainless steel, cold-rolled steel, concrete, ceramics, fiberglass, primed TPO and certain plastics.

Shingle colors are nature-inspired

CertainTeed has added Max Def Coastal Blue, Max Def Espresso and Max Def Red Oak as available colors for its Landmark® PRO shingles line. Landmark PRO shingles are engineered with two laminated layers said to replicate the dimensional appearance of wood shake. Max Def Coastal Blue is breezy and luxurious with blue and gray granules. With a blend of black and brown granules, Max Def Espresso is rich and indulgent. Inspired by fall colors, Max Def Red Oak has an earthy blend of red and brown granules.

Adhesive set has color-changing nozzles

SOPREMA® Inc. has made available DUOTACK® SPF HFO Adhesive with a hydrofluoroolefin blowing agent that has low global warming potential. The two-component, low-rise spray polyurethane foam adhesive reportedly now is more environmentally friendly with enhanced performance for adhering fleece-back membranes, insulation and coverboards. DUOTACK SPF HFO’s canister system provides quick set up and shut down, and a trigger-lock dispenser with stop-and-start capability is said to prevent material waste. Each adhesive set includes two 40-pound canisters with A and B components; a 25-foot hose; application spray gun; and ColorWise® Temperature Warning nozzles that change from clear to blue to indicate whether the product is too cold to be properly applied.

Four colors added to shingle line

Owens Corning has added four colors to its TruDefinition® Duration® Shingle line: Desert Rose, Midnight Plum, Peppercorn and Sand Castle. Designed to pair well with a variety of exterior colors, the shingle colors reportedly help leverage residential roofs as a design asset. TruDefinition shingle colors are designed to offer dramatic color contrast and dimension, and Duration shingles feature SureNail® technology for accuracy and strength.

Snow retention attachment for metal panel systems

S-5! has introduced its corrosion-resistant SnoBracket™ attachment for mounting snow retention systems to insulated metal panel roof systems. SnoBracket is designed to provide the strength required for snow retention applications but with sheet-only attachments. Created specifically for trapezoidal-ribbed insulated metal panels, the attachment comes in two sizes: SnoBracket TB and SnoBracket RB fitting to popular rib profile dimensioning. SnoBracket reportedly protects an insulated metal panel roof system’s moisture barrier and avoids thermal bridging. SnoBracket features a factory-applied, closed-cell EPDM rubber gasket said to create a positive seal against water intrusion and attaches in-shear using eight self-piercing fasteners, resulting in a holding capacity of more than 2,000 pounds in 26-gauge coated steel.


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