New Ideas

Adhesive is environmentally friendly

ICP Building Solutions Group has added Polyset® RTA-1 roof tile adhesive to its adhesive product offerings. The one-component polyurethane adhesive is designed to bond concrete and clay roofing tiles to approved underlayment. Polyset RTA-1 features an ultralow global warming potential hydrofluoroolefin blowing agent said to comply with environmental regulations in California, Vermont, Washington and Canada. The adhesive also reportedly has improved bead control for faster application compared with traditional fastening methods such as mortar, nails and screws. Polyset RTA-1 has a full bond time of 10-20 minutes and fully cures within 48 hours.

Roof starter seals perimeter

IKO® has introduced EdgeSeal, a double-sided self-sealing adhesive starter roll designed to bond shingles to a roof deck at its perimeter. Intended for installation at the eave and rake edges, EdgeSeal is said to tightly bond to the drip edge or underlayment on one side and laminate asphalt or fiberglass shingles on the other. The starter reportedly contributes to a complete roof system able to resist shingle blow-off during strong wind events.

Hammer achieves 10.5 joules

DEWALT® has added the 60V MAX 1 3/4-Inch SDS MAX Brushless Combination Rotary Hammer (DCH614) to its PERFORM & PROTECT line of power tools. The hammer weighs 15 pounds and is 20.7 inches long. Designed for fast and efficient concrete drilling, the hammer achieves 10.5 joules and 380 revolutions per minute. A SHOCKS Active Vibration Control® System reduces handle vibration, and a Constant Speed Control feature reportedly allows the hammer to maintain speed regardless of bit size or depth. The 60V MAX 1 3/4-Inch SDS MAX Brushless Combination Rotary Hammer’s variable speed dial is said to enable accurate hole starting and controlled chipping and demolition work.

Cleaner can be used against coronavirus

Topps® Products Inc. has made available MultiUse Cleaner. When diluted as 1 cup of cleaner per 1 gallon of water, MultiUse Cleaner meets the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommended guidelines for total bleaching agents for cleaning solutions to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Intended for commercial and industrial applications, the alkaline-based cleaner contains three surfactants and an active wetting agent said to carry the cleaner deep between dirt particles to dissolve grease and oil. MultiUse Cleaner has no odor and is nonflammable. The cleaner can be applied to warehouse floors, roofs and pavement. A 5-gallon pail yields 80 gallons of heavy-duty cleaner.

Spray equipment coats evenly

Roof Rabbit Co. LLC has introduced the Roof Rabbit, spray equipment designed to install fluid-applied commercial roof systems. The Roof Rabbit’s cantilevered design enables a user to remain upright while performing coating applications, and its slide-through bulkhead permits right- or left-handed operation. Two spray tips positioned 12 to 14 inches above the application surface are said to evenly distribute more than 3 gallons of coating per minute. The Roof Rabbit makes wide, straight passes and can spray to a roof system’s edges, reportedly reducing stitch lines and enhancing user safety. Lightweight and collapsible for easy transportation, the Roof Rabbit is available in a low-pressure acrylic version and a high-pressure silicon/urethane version.

Study contains workforce data

NRCA and the Roofing Alliance have made available A Study of the U.S. Roofing Industry and Its Workforce. In response to the roofing industry’s lack of reliable workforce data, in 2019, the Roofing Alliance commissioned Arizona State University to study current roofing workforce demographics. A Study of the U.S. Roofing Industry and Its Workforce reports on types of roofing work, skilled and unskilled labor shortages, effects of labor shortages at national and regional scales, and industry challenges and potential solutions. Roofing Alliance members receive a copy for free, and NRCA members can purchase the study for $395; the nonmember price is $1,495.


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