VOL. 48 ISSUE 10


Where is the money?

Wage growth has not kept up with economic growth.

I remember the time …

Positive cultural shifts in the roofing industry are possible.

Following instructions

Manufacturers' installation instructions may present application challenges for your field personnel.

The search for workers

Recently introduced legislation addresses the ongoing workforce shortage.



Blockchains can help enhance construction project management.

Building blocks  - Blockchains can enhance construction project management

Built-up roofing can help you meet the evolving roof system needs of commercial buildings.

An adaptable solution - Built-up roofing meets the evolving needs of commercial buildings

Patriot Roofing Inc., Burlington County, N.J., helps build Cumberland County Technical Education Center.

Specialized skills - Patriot Roofing helps build Cumberland County Technical Education Center in New Jersey

Understanding International Building Code® terms and how edge metal is tested will help you install roof edge metal systems that meet code requirements.

Roofing on the edge -

The benefits of metal roof systems and coatings may surprise you.

Fact or fiction? - Don't believe all you hear about metal roof systems and coatings